Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bookmarks, Doilys and a Design Challenge

This is Anne's design from the picture posted on my blog July 3rd. Since so many have taken up the challenge to make a snowflake from this picture, I moved it to a place of it's own to make it easier to see what people create. So all of the designs people create from this image and the ones to follow will be found on the Design Challenge blog.
Iris did an exposition in Matera, where all of the old houses are caves. Check out the fantastic displays.

Ais has round 5 pf the Pretty Doily finished except for one floating ring, but she ran out of thread.

Tara used the yellow thread on her shuttle to create this bookmark from an edging pattern found on the internet. Then she tatted the July Mystery Motif that Gina posted.

Wally has also created a snowflake from the design challenge photo on my blog.
I missed Joy's current work in progress in my last post. It's the "Oval Tatted Doily" designed by Darlene Polachic and published in Old-Time Crochet magazine, which she is doing in size 30 Omega thread.
Diane has only 2 repeats of the Cornelia doily left to do.
Pamela is working her way through Iris' book of Tatted Doileys using her own hand dyed threads.
Mark has discovered numerous tatting kits being sold from authentic period stores, yet as we all know the earliest reference to tatting in print in English is around 1850.
Jon has added another tatting tutorial to her blog
Snowy's mail delivery brought some of Sherry's HDT.
Marilee has a collection of bright solid colours available.
Laura has framed her tatting and made Nancy Tracy's "Tatted Loopy Earrings"
Marty has another take on the snowflake design challenge.
Gina took some pictures of Carol's prize winning gingerbread house.

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Clotat said...

hi sharon, i want to join the 25 motif challenge, can I? i just open a blog in blogger . Could you explain me how this challenge works, where i sign in? thanks