Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bookmarks, Round Robins and Exchanges

Eva's new pieces are done and will be going off to her exchange partner.
Anne has completed her project working from an old pattern, but she adjusted it and used split rings. She has also found a local vendor for DMC thread and bought 14 balls of thread to stock up on it.
Tami finished a wedding hanky, but no pics due to the fact that she was finishing it on the way to the church. Here is the pattern that is being used for the 2008 Tat-off at Palmetto called Entwined Hearts Edging by Barbara Hevener. The crosses are for a young lady going on a missions trip to Africa and Tami is trying to get as many done as she can before she leaves.
Margaret has all of her round robin pieces back from Joy in Pennsylvania, Aileen in Singapore and Bob in Wales.
Aileen tatted Pam Palmer's crinoline lady using her own hand dyed thread but she ran out of thread and had to make another batch, but the second batch came out darker. I can't see the difference.
Ellen finally got her last round robin package done. She decided to design all of her pieces and it was more challenging than anticipated but the pieces all turned out well. This little cat is a bonus pattern from Jane's TIAS. These bookmarks are made using the snowflake motif, and have been tatted with Manuela 20 in variegated threads.
Tara tatted a daisy bookmark with a green border, but wasn't happy with the shading so she re did it with a darker green. The second has better contrast and makes the white flowers really stand out.
Joy has posted pictures of her round robin pieces, 4 very different bookmarks.
Mary has been combining tatting with cards and re-did the instructions for a tatted edging.
Diane has found and corrected the mistake in her doily and now things are back on track.
Clyde has posted an article on the tatting community.
Jon is on round 5 of her doily.
Marilee introduces"Fortune" and "Snowflake" her 2 new colours.
Laura is trying out Pamela's new HDT "Coral Reef" and "Apple Blossom".
Sherry has had an interesting adventure trying to acquire more silk thread.
Gina has revealed the July Mystery Motif.

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