Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Angels, Chicks, Hearts, and Bookmarks

Eva has some new tattings for her Easter tree. Aren't they cute?Anne made 7 snowflakes using the book Tatting – 60 Original Lace Treasures by Christel Weidmann, and started on Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman. That makes 25 motives for her, but she's not finished tatting snowflakes and she still has to tat her dragon. I think we should make her stay and play some more.
Bob has done a wonderful motif for which he shares the pattern. Isn't this a happy thread that just shouts "party!" This is also his first piece for the round robin he is in. Aileen has been tatting some exchange items which she can't share yet. Her new purchases are Pam Palmer's Dragon pattern and a faux leather pouch that will hold 2 balls of Manuela thread. It has a wrist strap and drawstring that make it perfect for on the go tatting.

Bonnie has been fighting the flu and trying to keep up with her tatting. She did Jane's Flowery SCMR Bookmark but made it a little shorter due to time constraints. She's using this design for her first round robin piece. She received Stephanie's first round robin piece in the mail. Stephanie is enjoying the weather of Costa Rica and working on her Spanish. You can see the tatting she did on Bonnie's blog.

Gina has finished her challenge, but as always her blog is full of tatty items including sherbert angels, her anniversary celebration and the tat teachers' mystery motif from the past two months! Patterns to come later. Joy has tatted "Briar Fragment" by Mary Konior with an added snowflake pendant and "Daisy Heart" from the Workbasket published book called Tatting Patterns. She's still working on a doily and will post it when it's done.Joyce has posted her centre for the round robin doily. She used "Summer Posy" from Tatting 2000 Ring of Tatters in size 50 Flora thread. The centre she received from Shawna reminds me of a snowflake pattern I have seen somewhere. Pamela has done some spring tatting. A birdie on it's nest and an bunny rabbit with his basket ready to be filled. Ruth explores creating a block tatted Ric Rac chain.
Arlene's new podcast is working now.

Clyde received a surprise package from Laura that included a marvelous butterfly in variegated thread (I'll bet it's more hand dyed thread), and a delicate snowflake with tiny beads.
Mark and Kim have been working on costumes for the school play, so Mark hasn't had a lot of tatting time. He has posted a piece of lace that he intends to submit for the display room at the IOLI convention I posted some thoughts on the use of color and variegated threads.Marilee's Vision necklace appears in the Belle Armoire magazine.The artist is wearing a lovely necklace seen in a previous post with matching earrings. The pattern for the Vision Necklace is on Marilee's web page and she has had requests for the matching earrings which were a little bit tricky to make and she forgot to write out the instructions. You can see the process on her blog. Laura has the second row of her cross done and she's not sure if she likes the effect or not. Marty tatted the doily pattern Margerite in size 80 thread first in a variegated purple ombre and then again in lavender and turquoise. It's amazing how the different thread colours change the whole aspect of the doily and I suspect if were done again all in a solid colour it would look different again. Melissa is making a matching tatted cloverleaf edging to fit around an appliqued fabric that she printed. She has also added a wee tatted butterfly to a SRE brooch for her Etsy shop. Sherry continues to work on her Doily done in her Fuschia HDT and here is a sample of her thread colour Tuscany tatted in this little motif. Wally took Ruth's tatted Ric Rac, did her own version and added beads to make this precious bookmark. Connie has been tatting, knitting and crocheting but hasn't had time to post pictures.


AnneB said...

I’ll be happy to start a challenge over again, but I’ll make it a 25 snowflake motif challenge. If I complete all the snowflakes I have made or plan to make, subtracting the 7 that was a part of the first challenge, it will be around 25 counting large and small.

There is a problem though: the dragon I am to design is not a snowflake. Seems like I have to start a new 25 motif challenge after the 25 snowflake motif challenge! It should be doable as have an increasing number of patterns to choose among (see my blog post of Mars 6th) :-)

Hm. 25 done, 25 planned and 25 after that. Getting close to a 100 motif challenge? A dangerous idea...

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