Friday, February 29, 2008

Flowers, Bats, Ladybugs and Hand Dyed Threads

Riet has added beautiful tatted flower and leaves to a glass name tag holder.
BJ ponders block tatting and gives an artists perspective on it's use in tatting.

Mrs John has done some reading on chemistry and did another batch of thread. This time the colours are exactly what she wanted.

Joy tatted the Flying Ladybug from and borrowed Jeff's idea of using magnetic beads which she found challenging to work with.

Mary has been playing with her new double bobbin shuttle and finds that it makes rugged and sturdy tatting that will stand the test of time.
Carol has been experimenting with doing 3 colour swirls on her tatted peppermint candies for the gingerbread house. The effect takes working with 3 shuttles and is a bit of a challenge. Challenge is OK when the results are worth it. Carol thinks she may use this one for a window on the gingerbread house.
Ruth has been working on a new book with her great niece, Sarah Kelly and it with include this celtic bat along with Sarah's Cross of Faith (the pattern she is teaching at Hector), a Slaver's bracelet with a Celtic Star Rose, Dragon Tears Necklace, Dragon's Eye Pendant, 3D Celtic Rose, a Dragon, and maybe Mr. Clank, and the Celtic Phoenix. It sounds wonderful.
Arlene is working on a new podcast, but it won't upload for some reason.

Clyde tatted the start of a doily from The Tatter's Treasure Chest edited by Carolyn Waldrep, in Marilee's Tourmaline, size 50. Clyde likes this thread so much he decided to use a pattern as he didn't want to waste it.
Jon decided to tat some bookmarks the first is a simple clover with a twist using Hakelgarn Online size 20. The second is a heart breaker. So close…and yet so far. One split ring and short chain from the end, and Jon ran out of thread.
Snowy did the same motif the Mrs John did a few days ago in Valdani size 50 Precious Pansies.
Marilee is doing her Visions necklace in hand dyed thread. Between the beads and the colour of the HDT it's definitely bright. Part way through working it Marilee realized that she had size 10, the size called for in the pattern on one shuttle and size 20 on the other. It doesn't seem to have made much of a difference.
Laura tatted Sue's block tatting heart and now that she knows how to do it she might tat it again in HDT. Her next project is done in Marilee's Rhubarb Crisp and she needs to draw it out before she embellishes it.
Melissa has tatted some clouds for a Spring CQ block.
Sherry is tatting the same doily in her hand dyed Fuchsia. This one is size 20.

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