Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tatted Bells, Butterflies and Black Swans

Terry took all 13 of her tatted bells to Palmettos.This is one of the old bells, "For Whom The Bell Tolls" from the 1st book, "Tatted Ornaments" done in 2 colors with added Swarovski crystals. She spent a lot of time in the hospital with her BIL and started one of the hearts from Martha Ess' new book "Tat's Amore" but she forgot the book and had to "wing it" for part of the pattern. The variation looks good doesn't it?
Pamela couldn't find a pattern for a black swan so she used Martha's block tatted pattern for a white one. These swans are swimming in their own tatted pond.
Wendy is crocheting a lot of hexagons to create a skirt or blanket using scraps of vintage threads and working out a pattern for some gauntlets.It seems like there was a sudden snowfall in her neighborhood.

Anne has been knitting finishing up some old projects and starting some new ones.

Sarah has been busy with knitting and spinning and trying to figure out some Japanese instructions.

Joyce has finished a baby quilt in blue yellow red and green which are appropriate colours when you don't know if it's a boy or a girl.

Sapna is struggling with clunies. The first is right but the second just doesn't look right so it's cut and star t again. So she's given it a break to do onion rings, only they aren't co-operating either.

Diane tried using the thread ends to attach a motif but the thread was too thick and it didn't look any good. So she got out all of her motives and hid all the ends - much neater looking.

Bob has worked out a new design that he calls Harlequin and has shared the pattern with us. You have to be on your toes to keep track of the colour changes in this one.

Moni took a little 3 sided motif and turned in into a little doily.
Kelly is trying to cram some tatting time between jobs and not having much success.

Ruth shows us the Celtic Knot butterfly for N.C. class students to try. I love it!

Clyde continues on with the Anemone doily and the next rows add contrast in colour and in the tatting. The first rows were bare of picots and the next row has and abundance of them. The 5th row adds some separation from the denser earlier rows to give some contrast in texture too.
Marilee has added some eye popping colours to her hand dyed thread and created earrings and pendant with them. She is all the rage on topicraze and is celebrating by putting some of her thread on sale in her Etsy shop.
Laura's newest motif is from "Tatting Patterns And Designs" by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson tatted with DMC Pearle Cotton #12.

Melissa has been working steadily on her CQ bedspread and she's thinking of doing some more blocks to create a wall hanging and co-ordinate the whole room. She had planned on adding the tatted fern, but for got about it. There will be more blocks she can add it to.

Sherry has made some ceramic reindeer bells that she plans on adding to her Etsy shop. The snowflake that she tatted has been added to the crown of a knitted hat and more "Diane" shuttles are in the works.

Kathy used an interesting 4 strand thread called "Enjoy" a 100% Cotton Lace Yarn in size 40 to tat this Workbasket motif.

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