Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clunies and Another Jeans Bag

Wendy has posted her personal remembrance of Sept 11 and forced bed rest.

Sarah has been carding some luscious fibres for spinning. She found a wonderful crochet book at Abe books and a Tatting book with lots of edgings and doilies to make. They're just the kind of thing to keep you in new projects for a long time.

Connie has completed 9 crochet doilies and her first tatted doily done with King Tut quilting thread. We'll have to wait until her company is gone for pictures.

Bob has been trying out cluny leaves but his hand cramped up too much. He raided his wife's lacing supplies and created his own version of a cluny loom. Now to practice…
Mark gives the highlights of his trip to Palmetto Tat Days and shows us his improved clunies thanks to some tips from Mimi.

I finally had a chance to work on one of my bags for the Tatted Treasures from Trash challenge. When it came to making a jeans bag, I realized that I already have 2 bags that I could decorate with tatting so I decided to embellish both of those as well as making a jeans bag. This is the first one. I also posted a recipe for Buttertart Squares. Don't blame me for any extra pounds you gain. These things are yummy and addictive.

Melissa has begun piecing her CQ bedspread she's already added the lace to the first block and pieced the second block. She's also working on a round robin block.

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