Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Snowflakes, Doilies, Critters, and Another Dress

Lynda is working on tatting a cover for a communion set the her father, a retired minister uses when he visits folks. It sounds like it's going to look lovely.

Martha tatted Jane Eborall's frog from the Palmetto Tat Days. She didn't have the right beads for the eyes so she wants to do it again when she gets more beads.

Wendy is crocheting flower blocks from scraps of vintage threads to make covers for a bed or maybe 2 or maybe….She hasn't decided yet and things may still change.

Connie tatted Linda S. Davies' "Elegant Coaster" design using DMC Cebelia size 10 thread in color #745 Banana Yellow.

Kelly joins the challenge and she has 2 motives completed. The first motif is Nancy Tracy's "Pretty Tatted Kitty" from the Be-stitched website needle tatted in size 20 thread. The second motif is the Rabbit from Lisa Trumble's web site shuttle tatted in size 20 thread.Anne's job sent her to Longyearbyen where she saw the northernmost sundial in the world which was designed by Louise Rigozzi, who Anne knows. She had enough time while away to start an Icelandic fan shawl and when she returned she had received her invitation to Ravelry.

Sarah has added a YouTube video to her web site as practice for doing hairpin lace tutorials.

Diane tatted "Posy" from Mary Konior's book "Tatting with Visual Patterns" in a variegated size 20 Flora thread and had enough left on the shuttle to do "Honesty" another pattern from the book. Then she tackled "Stella alpina" from Iris Niebach's "Tatting Fantasia" ans she loves how it fits together.

Clyde has begun his new doily "Anemone" from Tatting Doilies and Edgings by Rita Weiss.

Mark has added more pictures of his trip to Colorado to his album. The demonstration on the weekend went really well and now they get to concentrated on decorating the gymnasium to make it look like something other than a gym and make and decorate the cakes for the wedding this weekend.

I posted a picture of a tatted dress made by Sheila Dusome. It's been worn by 2 generations of tatters.
Snowy was talking to Laura and that prompted her to get out her bobbin lace to make a bookmark. Shown on her blog is a roller pillow with the bookmark in progress.

Melissa has finished another round robin block and it looks superb.

Sherry tatted this snowflake from DMC's Tatting for Today #15209 "Tree Top Ornament" and now she's wondering how to stiffen it.
Wally has added a small rosette to her flower designs. This one is from an antique book, but she can't remember which one.

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