Saturday, May 05, 2007

Flags and Stars and more challenge Fun!

Diana has been tatting flags in different sizes of thread. She wants to make one into a pin but can't figure out how to add the pin to the back and not show through. Any ideas?

Clyde is working on a doily from the pattern Distinctive Luncheon Set that he is adapting from the book Tatting Doilies& Edgings By Rita Weiss.He is using a beautiful thread from New Zealand called Hand Died Hues colour 1202 size 10 but notes it tats up more like size 40-50.
Sharon has issued another challenge. A lot of people have completed their first 25 motives and started over again so we are getting to the point where some people are looking for a new project.On several of the tatting lists people have been asking about what kinds of things can you add tatting to so that it's more visible. Still others have asked the question, what do I do with all my tatting bits, especially the bits that have mistakes, or had coffee splashed on them or the dog chewed a corner of it, or whatever. So here's the challenge. Take an old pair of denim jeans, cut off the legs and sew across the bottom part to make a bag. Add a strap to make it into a bag or backpack and decorate it with tatting. It can be old tatting or new tatting, you can add a little or add a lot. If you are interested in joining the new challenge let Sharon know by adding a comment to her blog or sending her an e-mail. This challenge will have it's own blog page and you will be able to add your own updates to the challenge page so she needs your email address to be able to contact you. You can send email to sharon at gagechek dot com if you think you'd like to participate. This will be fun!
Marilee has started listing her gorgeous designs on ebay and in her etsy shop. Mother's Day is coming up, how about getting Mom some original design necklaces or earrings?

Charlene has been tatting the motives from the Tat Along project and can't see where number 3 should start. She made a lovely blue variegated bookmark in Finca size 12 and added elongated aurora borealis beads to the end. Charlene has been perusing the books in the Project Guttenburg web site and discovered Therese de Dilmont's Encyclopedia of Needlework. That book will keep her busy for a while.

It's a star, it's butterflies, it's a butterfly star motif. Marty was working on a square design in green and white, but it just didn't lay flat. She tweaked the design adding one more repeat, some Josephine rings and some larger rings in places and suddenly it all fits together with butterflies holding things in place. There is one problem though, she wants to see what it looks like with several joined together and she has run out of the red ombre thread.

Alece has finished her embroidery and Melissa showed her how to turn it into a cute little pillow. Melissa is working steadily on creating a hummingbird and roses for her quilt block.

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LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

I also wanted to thank you for all the work you put into this. It is all so very delightful!
I think I will take you up on your new challenge!