Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bees, Butterflies, Hearts and doilys

Achoo! sniff, sniff. Achooo! If you've wondered why no updates, now you know.

Gail has solved her problem with the block tatted doily and now it's progressing nicely. The outer round of motives really does make it pop.

Sharol has done another card. This one uses a motif from Patti Duff's Mini Tats using another exchange thread.
Mark is working on Mother's Day hearts. He did 2 using a split ring ground and another rose heart using Oliver Twist thread.
Sharon hasn't posted any tatting but she has given us a sneak peek at the PDF indexing software her hubby is working on. This should help sort out all those tatting patterns we have in PDFs.

Snowy has done Iris Niebach's cactus pattern in a beautiful variegated thread.
Donna has finished knitting a scarf she started in January. Its' definitely not scarf weather any more.

Azie shares the scissors fobs given and received in an exchange.

Marilee shares a tribute to her Mom, who passed away in May.

LaRae has added 3 new motives to her blog. Two of them are original designs and the other is from a book she can't remember the name of. They are all pretty and that makes yet another person who has finished 25 motives.

Pamela has added a swarm - well not a swarm - just 3 bees to her collection of critters. Theses have been done in size 10 and 20 Flora. The pattern is from Martha Ess' book New Critters on the block.
Melissa has learned to do split rings and made split ring bracelets for the kids. Alece finished embroidering her T-shirt and got to model it.
Sherry made a sulu skirt and covered it with tatted butterflies and a tatted edging (15 feet of edging in size 80 thread). She decided that Mother's Day was a good day to wear it.

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