Monday, May 21, 2007

Doilies,Edgings, Grapes and Flowers

We've had a couple more people finish their 25 goal. Isn't it nice to know that you can do it?

Arlene tatted this carnation with beads hoping for the effect of dew on the petals but it isn't quite what she was hoping for. She's going to try it again using white beads. Silver lined beads give the sparkling dew-y effect until the silver tarnishes, then it just looks awful. Arlene's not sure if she's finished her 25 motives yet so she's going to do a couple of Iris' doilies.
Clyde shows a picture of one of the 3D floral displays done for Parks and Recreation done by his partner. Pretty awesome, or awesomely pretty.

Mark has finished tatting a heart and matching edging for a hanky. Isn't is just gorgeous? So delicate looking.
Jon shows us some old tatting discovered when they had to clean out her MIL's house. She found the cloverleaf edging interesting and counted the stitches so that she could reproduce a section of the design. She remarked that one of the designs looks familiar. It is. I saw it in a public domain book this weekend, but I can't remember which one. She also found the little chair her MIL made to hold the egg given guests at the wedding reception. I can't imagine making all those little chairs.
Sharon shows us a picture of her macaw.

Snowy tatted a lovely design in a variegated thread. This makes her 25th motif and now she's wondering what to do with her blog. Keep showing picture of tatting of course!
Marilee has created some adorable earrings that have a lovely 3D effect. Aren't they wonderful?
Laura shows us a picture of her finished friendship doily. She took the picture again on a darker background that makes the lace stand out more. Light colours photograph better on a dark surface and dark colours are better on a light surface. When there is both light and dark in a doily it can be hard to find a background that makes both look good. That's always a good thing to keep in mind when you are selecting the colours to use in a doily, especially if you have a particular location in mind for it.
Charlene made it to the Palmettos gild meeting on Saturday and it sounds like they had a lot of fun. They worked an adorable 3D flower, then Charlene learned how to get a perfect onion ring and taught Hope how to needle tat. She managed to get some Opera size 20 thread and she worked up a sample to compare with some Rubi thread also size 20. What a difference in 2 size 20 threads.
Marty tatted "Milena" from Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach in DMC size 80 red ombre thread. The doily was sent out in a doily exchange and couldn't be posted until her partner had received it.
Eliz has been doing some more work with the Valeire square. It will be a topic for the online class. Lots of things can be done with squares. Melissa has been working on some CQ blocks and embroidering a southern belle.

Patti has opened an Etsy store and has a lovely little purse decorated with black work for sale.

Sherry designed this sweet little grape edging. Then she got creative and daring and worked it in doing the grapes in alternating colours using 5 shuttles. Very clever.

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