Monday, February 11, 2013

Motifs, Heart, Star, Doilies, Ornaments, TIAS, Butterflies, Bookmarks, Necklaces and Bracelet

Cheryl used her Springtime with a field of flowers, and rainbows, and a butterfly and then glued it onto a can top painted with glow in the dark paint. Another of her own HDT in size 30 was used for this motif and more of her HDT used for this next design. This heart was done in size 30 that she used permanent magic markers to put dots all the way through the threads and it was pretty enough, but when she sprayed the scented ironing stuff on it it exploded with colour. Another of her HDT colours in size 30 was used for this star. Her size 20 HDT was used to tat around this finding. The size 10 HDT used on this finding produced a 3D effect. Another lid, this one from tomato can with tatting in black and white HDT in size 20. Her first attempt at using finer thread is this size 40 HDT she used to create Kaleidoscope. Cheryl used HDT in size 20 created by her grandson to tat the designs around this blue ball. Her size 30 HDT was used to tat just chains and flowers or loops around this white ball.

Jane tried to match one of the colours of Jess's key lime raspberry parfait for the wheels but it doesn't come across on screen for Day 10 of TIAS. Tatting the Pearl butterfly was tortuous, but the effect is pretty. Adding the body and doing the sides separately worked well but was further complicated by the addition of beads.

Marta took a break from recycling scarves to tat this turquoise bookmark.

Linda used a medallion from Nancy Tracy to decorate the front of this bag and another whose source she doesn't know for the back. She has finished her TIAS and it is indeed a pram, AKA baby buggy, AKA baby carriage.

Cindy has Days 10 and 11 of TIAS posted and reports that it was a fun project to tat.

Diane tatted Tri-Heart a pretty little heart pattern Linda B. Taliaferro offered on InTatters which she did in size 20 Lizbeth, Pink Cocoa #166. She had just enough time before school to tat Day 10 of Jane's TIAS. The Flower Heart from Kelly at Tatfully Yours used some more of her Raspberry Sorbet from Tatskool. Can you guess what her next project is? If you said Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat, you'd be right. Here's the TIAS for 2013 all done.

Fox's Honey Napkin is large huge ginormous and getting bigger, but at least the penultimate row is going faster. Maybe it's the new LaCossette shuttles that are making it speed by. TIAS Day 10 is done, as is Day 11 which shows a perfectly pretty pram. There are over 2 balls of thread in the Honey Napkin and she's almost half way through this round.

Jess plans to add the barefoot sandals named "Jensaras" to her Etsy shop. The pattern for this design is from Jon's Elegant Tatting Gems. Here's her new colourway called Coconut Island.

Marie revitalized this old cameo by hanging it from a dream catcher frame surrounded in Lizbeth, size 20, Victorian red tatting.

Orsi's newest concoction is a lace cuff bracelet in a style matching the previously shown necklaces.

Sue tatted Yarnplayer's Ripple necklace in size 10 Cheryl's HDT with a slight alteration to add the stone in the middle. The stone and thread colour are a perfect match.

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