Thursday, February 21, 2013

Edging, Gloves, Owl, Butterflies, Doilies, Motifs, Hearts, Pendants, Bookmarks, TIAS and Poinsettias

Laurie used up some leftover size 10 Lizbeth thread in ecru tatting this edging from Tatting - Basic Patterns by Rosemarie Peel.
Jane was asked to tat some fingerless gloves and this is her version of mignonette stitch tatted gloves. Isn't it gorgeous? She was smart enough to write down what she was doing so that she can repeat it for the second glove. She did the owl designed by Martha Ess and even using a piece of cardboard as a picot gauge, the wings aren't the same size. Emptying a shuttle after making the folding ring dangle she ended up with a very small, but very cute butterfly. Since the tiny butterfly is good for emptying shuttles she included the pattern on her blog.

Lelia joined the Tollway Tatters again. Denise tatted Gemma Alphecca tatted star from a pattern in Tatting Times by Karey Solomon and Sue Anna worked on tatting beaded earrings around a finding using a Marilee Rockley pattern. Diane worked on and finished another Spinning Wheel in Pansy HDT. Barbara was working in pretty fall colours tatting what is maybe a leaf. Denise was planning to make a pin by using a larger button, and glue a pin back on the button using one of her favorite patterns. Lelia brought a heart, made by CathyB's Mom, Marlene and she worked on a Mini Tats heart pattern with a little blip that needs fixing.

Kristen was fascinated by the images on the carpets and she thought they would look good as tatting patterns. Then she thought it would be easier drawing out what she thought was needed and giving it another try. She finished the inside square,then show both the corner and the inside motif together. Being on a roll she worked another inner motif and joined it to the first. Then she went on to the next section of the carpet image.

Ancolie tatted a pretty little doily with her favorite Lizbeth thread, 657 Ocean Turquoise.

Diane met with the Tollway Tatters and brought some of her Spinning Wheel Glass Mats to show to Marilee. She finished the one she was working on in Pansy HDT. Marilee was working with a finding and designing a piece that may be a pendant or earrings but we won't know until it's finished. Serce by Jan Stawasz was done with a finding in the centre, tatted in size 20 Lizbeth # 168, Latte Foam. Then she did it again in size 20 Lizbeth #124, Spring Garden.


Fox has made progress with her design using bugle beads and so far so good. She has decided the Victorian sets need to be longer and she thinks it needs 6 sides not 5. The Honey Napkin grows larger and larger.It keeps getting bigger and bigger and just about fits on the table on her balcony, so she's thinking that maybe her grandchild won't be getting it after all. She re-worked her design using 6 sides in Olympus size 40 thread. It's interesting to see the evolution of a design. A comment suggested that her design was happier without the last row, so she did another "happy" design. She thinks she'll just revise this one though and make the design a three in one.

Jess tatted Julie Patterson's Eye Spy pattern in her Taffilicious with Lizbeth Azalea Md. which are both size 40.

Marie tatted around part of an old necklace in Lizbeth, size 20, blue river glades to make this pendant. This asymmetrical finding was part of a broken bracelet which she combined with beads and Lizbeth, size 20, blue river glades. These bookmarks use symbols from the Mayan calendar which were tatted in Lizbeth, size 20 thread.

Mica tatted Alladin using a metallic DMC floss that she had already split and found while going through her box of threads.

Michelle tatted Jane's TIAS in Lizbeth size 20 Scottish Thistle and Dark Purple. She used a modified version of Frivole's leaf and made 14 reds and 6 greens together with some bright yellow beads to made a poinsettia pin. This charming little bookmark is Mary Konior's pattern tatted in Oliver Twist thread. Frivole's Happy Heart tatting in one of Yarnplayer's HDT threads Crimson Something and another done in size 20 Lizbeth Grape splash, made a sweet little bookmark.

Orsi was talking to others about threads and Fox sent her some threads to play around with. She tatted a bunch of hearts and is now hooked on Lizbeth and thrilled that she has found a supplier in Europe.

Wanda created a scissors keeper in Lizbeth #142 Turquoise Twist, size 20 and she's more pleased with it than the badge reel motif. She liked the fob enough that she made one for my crochet hook too, but a slight imperfection, means it didn't come out as well.

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