Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bookmarks, Snowflakes, Doilies, Heart, Leaf, Earrings, Bracelet and Doodles

Margaret chose to use Frivole's Quatrain bookmark to Pay It Forward. The first one is done in Altin Basak size 50 along with a snowflake from Anna magazine. The second one is done in size 2 HDT from Graceful Arts with a snowflake from be-stitshed. The last one is tatted in Lizbeth Raspberry Frappe size 20 and another snowflake from Anna.
Carol has the firsy round of the Hostess Set from Mary Konior's Tatting Patterns done. Here's row 2 completed and there's only 12 more to go.

Marie tatted Irene Woo's Butterfly Heart in vintage Star Tatting thread size 80. The Maple Leaf by J. Paulson is made in size 20 Lizbeth Sherbert Delight and Hens and Chicks from Karey Solomon's, Tat Marks the Spot done with Lizbeth size 20 in Autumn Spice.

Nancy has been tatting lots and lots of beaded earrings.

Ancolie tatted this bookmark using DMC fil dentelle 80 which is her 12th motif on this round of the challenge.

Diane's daughter has used her new tatting skills to make bookmarks for her small group. I love it! A little card, a little tatting and a lot of love. Meanwhile Diane has finished her oval doily.

Fox has had a lot of input from people on how to tat Frivole's Minuet, seen here tatted in Lizbeth #40. Her original heart for Misha used a small metal finding in the centre and she has now re-designed it without the finding and she's wondering if enough people want the pattern to warrrant putting it up.

Frivole has done all her tatting in English but decided to take on tatting in French too. These earrings are from Edwige Renaudin's La Frivolité aux Navettes done in Jess's Macarons HDT.

Kelly was busy with other stuff, but she did find time to tat Mary Konior`s Spinning Wheel in size 40 Lizbeth #154 Wildflower Garden.

Michelle is tatting more things for the neighborhood flea market including a barrette with more roses on it. This is an advance on the rose on a hairpin she tried earlier. Then she made up bracelets inspired by something she saw elsewhere. Her favourite are the two tone rose rings.
Orsi used her neices as model to do a photo shoot of some of her creations including the spectacular jacet the she designed and tatted the lace for.
Sherry did a little freestyle tatting in Hydrangea size 20 silk HDT to get her out of the doldrums.

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