Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snowflakes, Ornaments, Pin, Motifs, Bracelet, Necklace, Angels and Bookmark

Jess is celebrating a freak snowstorm Jon's Almas in Lizbeth size 40 Azalea Medium and Jon's Baiduri in Blue Ice.
Ginny's ornament tree with all her tatted and her Mom's knitted ornaments on it.
Anika tatted a flower pin for her cousin's birthday and gave her a little box with a tatted rose on the top for the first tooth she lost.
Jessica tatted this bracelet with the Koigu brand merino wool yarn. It was a bit of a challenge, but it did work.
Marta has another lovely necklace done with the white disc centre. This one with matching white thread.
IsDihara tatted the Snow Angel by Sharren Morgan and one was so pretty she had to do another using Lizbeth size 40 #163 Blue Ice and beads. Lots of beads. An encapsulated safety pin makes for a charming holiday pin.
Fox's tatting turned out to be a pattern by Jan Stawasz that finally resulted in a lovely piece of lace. Then she needed another challenge and decided to play with daisy picots again using Jon's Daisy Picot pattern in pink and green which beautifully matched her shuttle. The motif, which was laid under paper towelling to block and dry, accidentally got thrown in the garbage. Don't panic, it was retrieved and now looks pert and pretty.
Gina found this pattern for a bow in Old-Time Crochet and while it pique's her interest, she's not sure she wants to tackle it because it looks a bit complicated and she's not sure she wants to invest the time and effort if she's not going to have a use for it.
Martha tatted Sandra's Heart' Afire Cross and Sharren's Snow Angel, both patterns which are available on the Palmetto Pattern CD.
Marty was able to test tat some designs for Jon's Elegant Tatting Gems using size 80 DMC tatting thread that her sister dyed for her.
Orsi has added the stitch count to the picture of her Minta pattern for people who want to tat it.
Wanda had to make a museum stop at Roebke Memorial Museum in downtown Holton, Kansas. The cover on the player piano is edged in tatting. The blouse has very simple, but elegant ring and chain inserts and cuffs for one gorgeous garment. The camisole has a ring and chain insert along with a traditional hens and chicks edging.

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