Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bracelet, Motifs, Egg, Snowflakes, Bookmark, Heart, Flowers, Butterfly and Pendant

Anika created this design as a bracelet but it could just as easily be a bookmark, done with her own dyed threads. Then she did another design which can be made as long as you want. The patterns for these are on her blog. Then she created a ring design. The small motif design was created and tatted in more of her HDT. A lovely little design just right for trying out new thread samples.

Bree painted the eggs go on her egg tree and added tatting to them. They still need to have ribbons put on these 2 ornaments for hanging, and a couple of beads just to spruce them up.

Diane decided to work on Adan from Elegant Tatting Gems by Jon Yusoff done in colour #130, size 20 Lizbeth. Diane met in cyberspace with Michelle, Cindy, Dena, and Teresa for tat and chat and learned how to make a single shuttle split ring.

Fox tatted the bookmark from Martha's Playing with Picots in #12 Finca which she still likes. She spent Remembrance Day thinking of her Dad. The poppy design done in red and black is Jon's pattern. She took another try at Julie Patterson's snowflake done in #16 Finca. Kira's Star, designed by Birgit Phelps is tatted in Lizbeth #40 but she finds the colour insipid.

Gina loved these medallions from the DMC Tatting Library and they were her inspiration for doing the 25 Motif Challenge again. She shows the design with the stitch count. The medallion on the left shows the design with the needlelace insert and the one on the right shows it without.

Lily shows how she gets a glittery effect on her tatting by applying glue with a fine tip paint brush and a matte effect by soaking the finished piece in diluted glue anf blotting off the excess. Teri Dusenbury's Regal Heart is finished and Lily decided she want to make more hairclips. The rings were done in Lizbeth Size 20 Sea Green Dk with Czech beads and Brown and Copper thread size 80. Another Dusenbury pattern, made with Altin Basak size 50 and seed beads will be attached to a silver-plated ring finding.

Stephanie Grace tatted the Rose Ornament from Monica Hahn's Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns in Lizbeth size 20 Victorian Red and Christmas Green. Then she did a ring and chain edging with oil-stain-colored beads and turned it into a ring. She decided to play around with the little glass disc beads she bought and tatted this pendant in Lizbeth size 20 in black.

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