Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin, Necklaces, Snowflakes, Owls, Ornaments, Heart, Edging, Butterflies and Bookmarks

Axa tatted this pumpkin based on Marl Myers' design in size 80 Anchor Artiste.
Marta used red drawstring cotton for this necklace. Finer thread just wouldn't wrap around these beads.
Patrycja is trying for a snowflake a day starting with the first and ending on the 24th.
IsDihara tatted the OctoStarFlake by Jane Eborall pattern which is on the Palmetto Tat Days 2011 Pattern CD in Lizbeth #135 Lollipop size 20. The beads are size 11 Dyna-mites seed beads in blue/lilac with a few galvanized gold seed beads in size 11 just for fun.
Linda tatted Nancy Tracy's Halloween Owl. She picked up some glass balls and added a crown around the top of it using a pattern from an old Handy Hands Newsletter.
Fox received an ingenious first aid kit in the mail from Tabatha along with some thread and beads and had to start something with it right away to take her mind off Jon's Almas snowflake which is giving her trouble. Again. Ruth Perry's celtic heart was tatted in the Lizbeth #20 Tabatha sent as was my Merry Christmas snowflake from 2009. A jacket has had the excess length of the sleeves amputated and now Fox is looking at adding a tatted edging and after auditioning this vintage design, she's not sure where to attach it, up or down, or if she should go for something else.
Gina took 3 tries to get Nancy Tracy's owl but she finally has it completed. Mary's Butterfly is done in Yarnplayer's Maple Sugar HDT. She also tatted A Happy Bookmark from Martha's new book, Playing with Picots in Yarnplayer's Forest HDT and it has gone to her son in law for his birthday.
Kat decided to transform Krystle's Spanish Dancer earrings into necklaces since most people she knows don't wear earrings quite that large. Here they are in Lizbeth Caribbean, Wild Flower Garden, Spring Garden, Autumn Spice, Leafy Green, and Autumn Spice. She had a request to tat something to wear on the big headbands for a baby girl and she modified one of Jane Eborall's designs in Lizbeth size 10 Juicy Watermelon. The coin for perspective, is a quarter.
Kelly's tatting has been on hold while other things got done but her she has finished a Debbie Arnold project, an ornament that she first did 4 years ago at the Fringe weekend. Here are the 2 recently completed.
Martha has discovered that a pattern in her recent book doesn't match the illustration. While both are pretty, it really ought to look like the purple one and an errata sheet is now being inserted in all the books.
Sue has more of Mary's Butterfly in size 40 Lizbeth Tropical Punch and another butterfly in Yarnplayer's Corsage HDT, size 40.

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