Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bookmarks, Motifs, Edging, Necklaces, Bell, Earrings, Dolies, Snowflake, Angel and Heart

Stacy tatted three bookmarks using Brooklynne Michelle's pattern, which is inspired by Kersti's Stumpy bookmark pattern and has tatted a third another variation. All are done in Yarnplayer's Stardate size 20.

Jess has tatted something she calls a "little circular flower thing" in Lizbeth size 40 Rainbow Taffy. She did something similar with another pattern and mounted them as hair clips. The Zebra one with the greenish button is the first one and the confetti colored one is the Mary Konior Rosette.

Heather did a fabric rosette hairclip with tatting embellishment as a birthday gift for a girl she babysits and one of the moms at the party ordered more so she's doing a bunch of them now and has included the pattern for the tatting on her blog.

Joy has several new necklaces from edgings done the first with a bead in the join between rings. The next one also in blue with a bead hanging off the ring. The third one is a little more elaborate with beads on the joins and hanging off the bottom ring.The burgundy necklace is Lizbeth size 20 also with Magnesite beads.

Michelle was working on a project but it doesn't seem to look much like a bell and she's wondering if she should go ahead and tat the rest of it and hope it works out in the end. Go ahead, it will.

Anika has been sick and not feeling much like tatting recently, but she finally did some earrings for a friend. The second set are in Krystle's "Vineyard at Dusk". The yellow flower is a single-type thing and she has also wrapped some rings.

Julie is finally gotten back to finishing Mary Konior's Small Cross from Tatting with Visual Patterns in LizBeth size 20 Antique Violet Med. and Ecru with with a twisted stitch tail and a repeated arm motif for the top. Then she did Mary's Large Cross. The first one in a melon and green variegated vintage J&P Clark's size 70 thread was claimed by her husband. Then she did it again in lavender and yellow variegated J&P Coats size 70 for her Mom. Then the variegated wine and pink thread that was a thrift store find also apparently size 70 she'll keep for herself. While staying at the Pt. Robinson lighthouse which was restored as near as possible to it's 1919 state she was delighted to see several tatted doilies decorating the keeper's quarters.

Jessica taught at Camp Wannatat and while the coin purse isn't really difficult holding onto the clasp while joining the rings is a bit tricky and she has worked out an easier way of doing it.

Marta tatted Marilee's Arches doily with some changes to accommodate the Ariadne thread she was using. The sword pendant for Brunhilda is her latest design.

Mary is getting ready for the holidays with the Joyful Bell pattern by Yarnplayer and Candy Cane Earrings by Mary Maynard. Then this pendant based upon the Flower Medallion design at Be-Stitched using pink and lavender in the centre and edging it with black.

IsDihara is coming down from Tat Days afterglow and tatted Crazy Mom's Hearts Afire Cross tatted in Lizbeth size 20 Victorian Red. Martha Ess' Sunrise, Sunset bookmark in Altin Basak 50 in colors AB355 Copper and AB336 Periwinkle was a joy to tat. YarnPlayer's Celery in size 20 was used in a pattern from Il Lavoro Chiacchierino for her airport tatting but the bit done in the airport looked wretched so she started it again. Finally here is her mixed media the silly, "just say no to celery" pin made for a fellow Tat Days attendee.

Linda tatted these easy earrings by Kendra Goodnow which will make wonderful gifts for the holidays.

Bree has given away all her bookmarks and snowflakes while she was away, but this bookmark is one she made for herself and the snowflake is one for a cousin that didn't get one.

Diane's Yes U Can doily is progressing and she has been experimenting with different stitch counts. She's calling this a sampler round to see what she likes best, but it IS progressing even if it's slow.

Fox finds Teiko Fujito's patterns challenging, but this one went really well so she moved right along to this one by from Suzanne Schwenke which required some hair pulling but they finished off the vintage thread she had received from Ladytats. This masculine bookmark done in burgundy silk thread from Krystledawne and the sparkly thread is Altin Basak, from Suneeti which she is hoping her dentist appreciates. The Susanne Schwenke pattern in pink uses is Altin Basak thread size 50, also from Suneeti. These last motifs were done in some really fine Finca thread size 12. The size 16 was too fine for her.

Gina finished the Canopy Bookmark from Martha Ess's new book, Playing With Picots.

Isa tatted a new angel in silk thread with silver color with crystal beads. The pattern by Ros-MariƩ Andersson.

Orsi has received a giveaway package from Fox and she is delighted with the thread, beads and her first tatting book. She had to try out the thread which is very thin something like size 80 or 100 and she did a round motif as well as her heart motif which she has suspended on a silver finding.

Sue's first project is a Christmas present for her mother-in-law, Grandmother's lace tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy from Elegant Tatting Patterns by Janet Carroll. Of these ornaments, the first one goes to a friend who would like 6 of them for his Christmas tree, and the other one she hasn't decided about yet.

Wanda is also working on the Yes U Can doily in brown #692 and gold #611 Lizbeth thread, size 20.

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