Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flowers, Bracelets, Earrings, Bookmarks, Ornaments and Snowflakes

Charlotte is taking a break from snowflakes to tat flowers. Jeanne Lugert's 3D rose pattern is in size 16 Ancora Prestige thread. Then one inspired by Krystle's flower pendants and earrings tatted in Yarnplayer's snowflake thread in size 20. Finally, a design from Yarnplayer's Up and Tat 'Em pattern book which she completed in size 20 black Flora thread with Swarovski crystals which will have a cord added to make lovely Christmas present.

Isabel has taken her pearl tatting skills to a new level creating some interesting bracelet designs with interwoven beads done in celtic fashion. The other pieces are a flamenco collection the one on the right done by Isabel and the one on the left given to her by a colleague.

IsDihara is hosting a contest for a chocolate box decorated in tatting and there are some awesome entries.

Bev is delighted to show a surprise gift from "over the pond" in the way of Festive Butterfly earrings Designed and Tatted by Jane Eborall, as well as a magnet bookmark. That was especially welcome because she was curious as to how the magnets were held in.

BSOTF shows us some more Christmas baubles and suggests that covering ornaments with tatting is a good use of practice or mistake pieces.

Fox has used scrumptious colours for Miranda's Angels in the Snow. The variegated thread is Lady Shuttlemaker's Enchantment and the solid is Tatskool's Forget-me-not in sizes 50 and 60. Jane's Flurry Snowflake is on the shuttles and Fox is determined to win.

Sue tatted 2 of Lene Bjorn's Second Day of December Snowflakes from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting. The first is done in size 10 thread and the second in DMC size 80 thread which certainly gives you a good idea of the difference in size.

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