Sunday, March 14, 2010

Edgings, Bookmark, Doily and Earrings

NancyD posts a tatted bunny edging with the pattern. She writes that the pattern isn't hers but she found it on the internet and now can't locate the web page. There was A page on Georgia's site with reference to a Trio of Tatted Edgings by Bessie Barker from an October, 1928 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. The page on Georgia's site was missing the pictures so I entered the address in the Way Back Machine and it brought up this page. The bunny's in the displayed edging are upside down and they alternate with a single large, ring with lots of picots giving the impression of bunnies amongst flowers. The version Nancy has posted shows a bunny with a pair of eggs. Either variation is adorable. Aileen gives a couple more reasons why you should sign up for her giveaway.

Anne has finished the outer row of motifs and is now working on row 12 of the large centerpiece. It's simply stunning.
Bev was working from Karey Solomon's "Sheep May Safely Graze" but she found part of the pattern confusing and opted to used a different edging around the perimeter. This version looks lovely so it was a good choice. The threads are all HDT except for the Valdani green size 20. Pizzaz size 20, Middle Earth silk size 20, Green size 40 from Sherry, and Choco-Raspberry from Tatskool size 40. She has run out of the "Celery" HDT used on the green bookmark so she has put it aside while she considers her options. The "May" edging from from Rosemarie Peel's Tatting, Basic Patterns was tatted with size 50 Himalayan Poppy HDT. She is also showing off the wonderful earrings that she received from Jane Eborall.

Wally was excited to tat this fan pattern and had hoped to attach it to some fan sticks she bought in Egypt only the finished fan won't fit on the sticks even though it was made using the size 20 thread recommended. Any suggestions?

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