Thursday, August 06, 2009

Crosses, Hearts, Snowflakes and Doilies

Madge joins the challenge and posts some tatting she did recently. This is the first basic cross from Rebecca Jones book and she's using this series to try different techniques in tatting making several different crosses. The next one is done in two colours and used graduated picots on the chains. The red cross used the same stitch count but replaced the picots with thrown rings. The she replaced the centre picot with a bead. Then the basic cross worked in 2 colours. Then a cross with the chains done in node stitch followed by one made with double picots in the centre of each chain. The next cross is taken from Julie Patersons book featuring onion rings. Another of Julie Paterson's crosses worked with buttons using no 20 thread.The is Christmas tree was tatted with No 80 thread worked in a varigated green and a red for the chains. The small bookmark is worked in no 40 thread. The idea of this motif is to practise bridge tatting over a ring in the centre, adding picots to the ring to make a small flower, the tail is spiral tatting. Finally we have a small motif with beads added to picots. Ladydoc has made some progress and has a nearly finished bookmark to show.
Vanessa has tatted another heart in the same Anchor Mercer Crochet cotton, size 20 as the previous heart.This pattern was designed by Emma Crew.For a change of pace IsDihara worked around Birgit Phelp's 2003 SweetHeart counter clockwise this time, using lock joins instead of picot joins, but she still has to deal with creating a point for the heart.

Mica has finished the Arches doily done in DMC Special Dentelles 80 in white. The snowflake is the 8th Day from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting done in 1 strand of DMC metallic floss.
Shirl tatted this really cute motif is free from Iris Niebach. The thread used is DMC 80 in white and the motif measures 4 1/2 x 3 1/2. Shirl received a lovely tatting shuttle from her uncle and immediately loaded it with some size 80 DMC in black and started on this Hens and Chicks edging. Linda received another lovely snowflake in the Snowflake blizzard in July exchange.

Hye-Soon has tatted another cross. I think this is another Mary Konior pattern, but I'm not sure and I don't have the book handy. It's an exquisite cross.

Vinnie has been a busy little bee. She made a little daisy picot doodle and it looked so cute she made some more and turned it into a bookmark. Then she tatted some little flowers and turned them into a hairclip. A few more flowers got decorated and turned into Raakhis.
Ancolie followed Ellen's instructions and made her own tatted feet to decorate an ATC.
Wanda has taken the Design Challenge and tatted a wonderful snowflake with a daisy centre.

Diane finished the linen hanky with size 20 Cebelia tatted border in time for the shower. Among the many surprises she received in the mail was Jon's Magic Moment snowflake and Jon also included a beautiful bookmark and cell phone fob. Diane has finished her second Magic Moment snowflake tatted in Altin Basak #3003, size 50.

Heather has posted more pictures for her contest. Go check it out.
Jeff has finally opened his Etsy shop with chainmaille jewellery and he has used the Daisy thread and one of the patterns from the vintage book he blogged about to create this lovely edging.

Joy decided to get out her little Christmas tree and start setting it up with a bunch of odds and ends from her tatting box. She took a couple snowflakes and pinned them to balls with great effect and no sewing was necessary.

Sherry has had an artist profile done on her by Noreen at Hankering For Yarn and she has dyed a new colourway called "Confetti Sprinkles".

Wally tatted this collar from a Russian booklet that she was going to do just in white, but she ran out of thread and did the last row with pink chains. To balance it out she added more pink chains for the first row. She used #10 thread and the neckline measures 12 inches and it's 2.75 inches wide. She added some white tatting to this black and white hibiscus cameo to make a romantic brooch which has already been claimed by her mother.

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Teresa said...

WOW! What a LOT of beautiful tatting!

The first cross pattern from Rebecca Jones has been one of my favorites for a long while- I've made it several times.