Thursday, October 16, 2008

Updates all round

This is a quick update folks!

Heather is all stressed up. Pull up a chair and tat with us Heather - it'll take your mind off things.

Meme shows us her Christmas in July loot. I'm so jealous! Whare are those fish shaped things!

Claudia shows us her Aunt Ellen Cloverleaf bookmark. Ain't it sweet.

Gina shares her new shuttle shaped cooking tins.

Jon shows her a wonderful gift she received - a crochet hook roll! Not to mention she's also gotten thread winders from Tattycat! And to top it all off, she's the winner of the Threads of a Tatting Goddess giveaway for Oct! Grats!

Laura shows us lovely woodwork and a sweet link. Check it out at her blog!

Marilee's working on a lovely designed called Ruffled Orbit. Plus she has a new batch of Snowflake on Etsy for those interested.

Pamela shows us all the rainbow flakes that have been made with her lovely Rainbow Bright!

Sherry's been making wonderfully sinful chocolate cakes.

Zarina's been stocking up! Check out her new loot!

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