Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Snowflakes, Christmas Trees, Hearts & Earrings!

Nita has tatted Nancy Tracy's Christmas tree design in green and in white. They really need to be seen in person she says! This is 20 of 25 for Nita

Neophyte's 2nd motif is a sweet little Christmas Tree motif from The Big Book of Tatting. It looks very much like a heart to me! She modified it by using 2 colors instead of one. She needs help with hiding ends. Help people!

Martha has posted photos from Palmetto Tat Days. Looks like so much fun!

Wally is either telling us these new motifs finish her 2nd 25 or they are the first of the 3rd 25. There is a lovely heart by Sue Hanson called Heart of Sharon and 2 bookmarks.

Clyde has tatted Ruth's Celtic Snowflake and it is absolutely beautiful!

Jon's blog is giving me trouble today. I think there is something new there, but I don’t know what. You might want to go see!

Laura is tatting snowflakes again and plans to put the tree up so she can see how many more she needs. Let the blizzard begin!

Marilee has a new design in progress called "Ruffled Orbit." Very pretty Marilee

Mark's site is down temporarily due to some unfortunate circumstances. We hope he will be back soon.

Pamela's is posting her own blizzard. There are Rainbow Bright snowflakes everywhere! Very pretty and "rewarding."

Ruth has some lovely new pictures and promise of future patterns. Thanks Ruth!


Needledreams said...

Everything is as gorgeous as ever! And about my challenge... Yep is my 3rd round. I can't live without a challenge. This time the theme will be hearts.

Thanks for the great job doing this!

Tattycat said...

Thank you Needledreams. It is a lot of work and good to know it's appreciated! I will see that you get tagged as 3rd time around!