Monday, August 18, 2008

Butterflies, Dragons, Swan and Doilies

Heather created this design in Light Pink. Brown, White, Black, and Ecru as her first piece for the 25 Motif Challenge in size 10 South Maid on a size 5 needle. She has included the pattern for it on her blog. Her second piece is a doily in memory of her grandmother called "Verna Ann" and the pattern is included for this design also.
Kathy N shows us the construction of the spectacular apron on the Victorian doll she did. She was working on a doily and by the time she had done 20 motifs, she'd had enough. The doily turned out to be the perfect size for the skirt overlay on the doll’s dress, but as it doesn't cover the back of the skirt she added another piece of ‘scrap’ tatting on the back and completed it with the top front of the dress. Another piece of scrap tatting was used for the headdress with a wisp of a marabou feather. Now if she could just find the pattern again...
Tara's quest for a Christmas snowflake to tat as gifts ended with Laura's Easter Egg Snowflake. She also tatted the August Mystery Motif and notes that she's almost through her 25 so she may have to start again. (We did warn her it's addicting.) The ball ornament is "Rocking Christmas" a pattern from Debbie Arnold at DS9Designs.

Shirley shows us the Japanese tatting book that she uses that has only diagrams with letters and numbers. These motifs are both done with size 8 pearl cotton The blue beaded flowers in the first one are done ahead and then incorporated into the pattern with white thread. The second motif is tatted with 3 shuttles working one round from center to outside edge and back to center. She used light lavender #211, dark lavender #209, and dark lemon #442. Then she did Mark's swan in black.
TattingChic shows how to attach the thread and tat with a flat shuttle.

Ellen was inspired by some butterfly hair clips to design these creations. The pink one was tatted with Flora 20 threads, and the other with Manuela 20 thread. Weaving a ribbon through the body makes a quick bookmark and she has 2 more variations in mind. Her recent ebay find is an Irish bog oak tatting shuttle inlaid with Malachite.

Aileen has tatted Anne's dragons and named them Ozzy and Sharon. Sharon was done in 30 Omega and Ozzy was done in 20 DMC Babylo.
Jeff has finished the second round on the lucky clover doily and he thinks he might do the third round in a variegated thread in the same shading of Mediterranean blue(s)
Eliz has posted some butterflies she did for a greeting card a while ago complete with the stitch count so that you can make your own.
Bev has the first part of her Olympic endeavor completed. The Bobsled Bookmark has a Colcha embroidered base with Mary Konior's crooked Mile edging done in Sherry's "Pensacola Beach" HDT in silk forming the sled run. Bev's 8th motif for the challenge is a Colorado Columbine done in size 80 thread but she's not quite satisfied with it yet.
Carol has posted her Christmas in July package.
Diane finished her second Beatrice doily and she has plans to tat a doily for each tray of her shuttle display case.
Gina's lace for the bridal hanky is progressing.
Jon shows the difference between using 2 shuttles and using SLT on a motif. Brilliant!
Laura is trying to downsize gradually and selling off some of her treasures.
Marilee has "Pizzaz" back in her Etsy store.
Norma has a playing around motif finished and another from Karey's "Tatting for the Tree".
Sherry has a pair of adorable baby booties in progress and a new HDT colourway "Pear Glace".


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Dear Sharon,
As I see, you removed my link from the blog. I have a question. I updated my blog, and I want to join again, right now (if it is possible). Shall I renumber the newest motifs, or can I continue with No. 15?

Sharon said...

Moni, just continue your motifs, I've added you back into the links list.

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