Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flowers, Egg, Heart, Bunny, Bookmark

Iris inserted a glass ball used for floral decoration inside an earring bon bon from her book. Earring candy!
Jeff has been doing some interesting tatting recently. This item with the clipped picots looks kind of like a woolly caterpillar and there is more to come. Is he tatting his own indoor golf green? A more recognizable item is this celtic daffodil from Ruth Perry's book, "Celtic Tatting: A Design Journey on an Ancient Theme". Jeff has also revised his earlier project that needs some features added...I really can't tell what this one is going to be either.
Barbara has tatted this Celtic Egg Pattern adapted by Helen Bailey from a circular motif by Sue Hanson in Opera size 20. Now she wants to make more of them in different colors.
Bonnie has tatted the May Mystery motif from Gina's blog. Some slight inattention caused her to miscount at one point so this is her second try at it. She also asks the question that starts the never ending debate -To count or not to count? Added to Bonnie's challenge motives is "Heart's Desire" by Susan K. Fuller tatted in Marilee's size 30 "Roses" HDT.
Joy has been working from her father the late Rev. Lloyd Dice Tennies' collection of tatted patterns. One of these is a design in a notebook that was tatted by her aunt. Working from the sample and instructions in the notebook, Joy tatted this little grouping of motives that could be made into any size she wanted. Very pretty and Joy has also posted the page from the notebook so that we can see what she was working from. Ellen has posted her bookmark design called Dancing Kristine along with the pattern. She has used a beautiful variegated thread and interlaced the design with a floral ribbon in matching colours. Ellen missed out on the earlier TIAS projects so she couldn't miss this one. It looks like the new shuttles are getting a work out as well.
Ais is having a frustrating time with her email. It seems that she is not able to reply to any email, so if you are waiting for a reply, be patient.

Zarina is already on her 23rd motif. This fluffy pink bunny is a design by Heather, but Zarina thinks it doesn't look quite right. I don't know, it looks like a bunny to me.

Nita tatted this flower designed by W.M.Odum and published in 1929. Nita has added a block tatted leaf modified from a pattern for a butterfly.
Amie has decided to join the challenge and posts 18 motives to start along with a tatting edged blanket.Diane has completed "Beatrice" from Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach and a bookmark in Marilee's "Golden Glow" thread for her mother.
Clyde has received a lovely gift of a tatted square doily and a mauve and lime green cross.
Mark has some dimpled ring experiments.
Jon shows how to tat a split ring.
I did a step by step tatted rose.
Snowy's pictures of her black bootie are on her other blog.
Marilee has tatted in the style of different composers. That's different! She finished her scrunchie in Lola HDT.
Sherry has a demo of the "dimpled yorkie".
Gina has videos of hiding ends.


Jeff Hamilton said...

A quick correction: the Celtic Daffodil is available directly from Ruth, I don't think it's in a book yet.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad I joined the challenge. Thanks again for all your hard work, Sharon. You are awesome. It's fun to do, plus I enjoy seeing everyone else's eye-candy on here. Especially Sapna's scrunchie's an Iris' pendant.. All so pretty.