Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bookmarks, Ice Cream and Venus Fly Tat

Sapna saw the scrunchie on Tattingchic's post and had to make one of her own. It was so much fun she decided to do 2 of them one in Sherry's Spring Poppies size 20 and one in variegated pink size 10. They're both pretty and will make wonderful gifts.
Iris designed this gorgeous pendant while doing the boring chores of babysitting and house cleaning and as soon as the kids were gone she had to sit down and tat it right away. Now to work out a chain for it.
Jeff reveals his Venus Fly Tat, pattern to be created later. Here is the bookmark he received from an exchange . The pattern is from Diana Steven's book "A Tatted Zoo", done in Flora size 20. The bookmarks he did are made with Sherry's "Tutti Fruitti" thread in size 20 combined with orange Flora 20 colour number 224 and red Flora 20 colour number 221. The pattern is Martha Ess's "Maltese Ring Bookmark" from Tat Days 2007.
Aileen took a trip to Puerto Rico and met Wally of NeedleDreams fame. They hung out and chatted about tatting, and shopped for lots of tatting threads and supplies that she can't get at home and to top it all off, Wally gave her this lovely tatted doily. Aileen has numerous tatting exchanges to catch up on and one of them is this card with the tatted flowers in the Helma Siepmann style. Zarina sent her this marvelous towel in the SnN Towel exchange.
Joy tatted the Blue Doily from Leen's page but she did it in variegated pink Omega size 30. Imaginative names for tatting projects are sometimes difficult to come up with, but I'd rather have a name than something like Edging 2781 like they use in some of the older publications.
Ellen is working on the TIAS day 3. She didn't have the beads she needed on the shuttle so she had to unwind add beads and rewind. Good thing she was working with a bobbin shuttle.
Ais was out of town visiting family and having a much needed rest, but she had time to tat some of Mary Konior's motifs and finish Lyn Morton's Tudor Rose in size 8 perle cotton. Now that the Tudor Rose is done in thicker thread she really likes it.

Pictures of Zarina's tatting have to wait until her exchange partners receive them.

Nita is working on the TIAS challenge she was leaning toward centipede, but this design could still go in a lot of directions. The Rose Heart snowflake is a design by Diane Munoz done in size 80 thread.

Since Amie is working on tatting motifs she figured she might as well do some tatting for Christmas. The Bitty Angel and the Simple Angel by Birgit Phelps are indeed simple and sweet designs. After a break to work on some more edging Amie decided to tat a heart. This is Susan Fuller's "Heart's Desire" and personally I think it's just about the most perfect heart design I've ever seen. I can fully understand flubbing it half way through. I have a couple of my own diseased looking figures. TattingChic tatted a Rainbow Sherbet cone in Sherry's Yummy Grapefruit HDT size 20 thread. Then she promised Melissa one in pink, in exchange for a CQ block, but that didn't seem quite right, so she also did a tatted bookmark in Coats & Clarks size 70 using Mary Konior's black magic pattern to go with the CQ Bible hand bag Melissa is making. That also prompted her to join in with the doily tat along. Tatting is sooooo addictive. Diane is tatting Iris Neibach's Stella Alpina in Altin Basak #3052 and tatting bookmarks for colleagues who are leaving.
Jon has posted a pattern that uses mock rings.
Marilee has mastered dimpled Yorkies.
Laura's blog has a tatted cat for Isaac and a patriotic starfish.
Melissa's CQ for TattingChic is finished and she's joined in the doily tat along.
Sherry is tatting from Mini Tats.
Gina tries out some novelty threads.

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