Saturday, January 05, 2008

A last look at Christmas

Wendy is getting ready for Valentines day. Valentine's yo-yos anyone?

Connie has been tagged to post 7 weird or random facts and she posted her 17th and 18th motives all finshed, blocked ad looking pretty now next to their original pictures and I missed them, so here they are now.
Shay has posted a kitty photo for 2008.

Joyce shows us the tatting items she sent to Ellen for the exchange. Besides the tatted ornament Joyce did 2 little crocheted bags and a larger fabric bad appliqued with a tea cup to hold it all.
I have a new digital camera so maybe there's a podcast in the future.

Snowy shows us her shuttle collection and gives us the history on them. Much more interesting than mine, but I'll still stick to my Aeros. I love tatting with them and the noise doesn't bother me at all. It does scare hubby now and then when I unexpectedly reel off a lot of thread.

Marilee finished her holly snowflake in time for Three King's Day and it's 4.5 inches across done in size 30 DMC Cordonnet Special, tatted with white and Marilee's own hand dyed "Pizzazz" and "Fern". There is a new batch of threads done although the solids may not be completely solid the colours should blend well. They'll be available in her Etsy shop soon.

Laura took some final pictures of all of the snowflakes she tatted on the Christmas tree, then when she removed them she scanned the snowflakes so that she has a record of them all together. 32 done this year and plans for 30 more next year.

Melissa searched for a pattern for the doily she found and when she couldn't find one she worked from the existing doily. She's tatting it in size 80 thread and since the original looks to be dome in size 10 thread, there's quite a difference. She thinks that 3 repeats of the pattern would make a nice skirt for a belle or princess.
Sherry is back to designing and she's giving us a sneak peek at what she is working on. She received a notice about the tatted purse design that she submitted and anticipated a rejection, but what she received was notice that there weren't enough submissions to go through with the book. Sometimes self publishing is the only way to go. We need to get more people addicted.

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Needledreams said...

Everything is so pretty! I have miss the challenge a lot. Now that I'm back tatting I have some new designs will be posting.