Monday, August 27, 2007

Edgings, Snowflakes, Butterflies and Bookmarks

Martha tatted Jane Eborall's gecko in Valdani thread and comments that it's not as smooth and shiny as a regular perle cotton, but not as "matte finish" as Caron Wildflowers.

Wendy's family went for a picnic with friends and it looks like they had a good time. On the tatting front Wendy posts 3 yards of tatting done with vintage pink threads.Sarah is being troubled by people taking patterns from her web site and selling them as an e-book on ebay.

Joyce has completed snowflakes 23 and 24 from Lene Bjorn's book. Both of these used block tatting chain on chain components that intimidated her so she saved them for last. They look great. Now she has to decide what to do for number 25.

Sapna did a bookmark for one of her friends and now they all want one. We know what that's like, seems everyone wants our tatting.
Iris is working on a book of jewellery designs like this one. She has also posted the diagram for the Tatt off butterfly. She won't be posting again for a while since she is travelling to Edmonton, Canada and then to the Palmetto Tat Days in the US.Norma joins the challenge with a motif and edging, both done with Finca perle #16. Norma plans to use the challenge to try out some threads that are new to her.
Ruth posts the basic butterfly for her NC class. She'll be disconnect from the internet until she's set up again in Ohio.Clyde is using the Hand Dyed Threads to create colourful snowflakes for Christmas giveaways. It's hard to think of Christmas in 90F degree heat. Mark will be teaching this angel at Tracy the Lacemaker’s Fall Lace event in Ohio on Nov. 3-4 and Living Lace of Omaha on Nov 10-11. It is made of DMC Cebelia cotton size 30 with clear glass beads and teardrop crystal bead and 3 Swarvsky crystals in the dangles and features pearl tatting with wire encapsulation.Jon learned to needle tat and her first piece is this bookmark from the Dreams of Lace site. She used size 10 Manuela thread since that fit her needle. She's concerned that she might break the finer needles.

I tatted several more flowers using different threads, and I've added a teaser from the upcoming newsletter. Can you guess what it is?Marilee created another pendant using her hand dyed thread colour "Summer Trail". It does look like a summer trail doesn't it? Charlene has been tatting lots of butterflies for the Palmetto Tatters day.
Sherry has just finished firing some cups and saucers with tatted motif decoration.

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