Wednesday, September 06, 2017

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Usha has been including Dot Picots and the Dot Picot Strings in her designs, like this star flower and a split ring braid. Her tiny diamond motif is a single shuttle design with Dot Picot Strings. Each trefoil petal is encircled with dot picot string and a mock ring of dot picot string is tatted at center of each petal in this Dot Picot Trio.

Vera was distressed at how this latest round ruffled and she was hoping that pressing it would flatten it out. If not, maybe the next round will tame it.

BattyTatter thinks these Maple leafs are fun to make and she plans to  put one on a card and use the other two for caps.

Melanie  made Tatted False Plait by Gina Brummet intending to use it as a nametag. She got her fair pieces back and had time to look through the judges comments. Now she's thinking about what colour to use next on her doily and whether to add beads or no beads.

Claire used Lizbeth thread size 20, colour Autumn Apple Pie # 169 to tat Jane Eborall's 2017 TIAS. She was interrupted and not able to finish until now, but she finally has her crinoline lady done.

Diane used her Purple Fudge pattern and Jelly Bean thread to make this Ice Drop, which seems really strange since there's neither purple nor fudge here. There is, however, the pattern for this design. A recent road trip resulted in 5 finished Ice Drops. Creating a tote bag for Palmetto Tat Days, left her so frustrated she needed some therapeutic tatting and her Minty Fudge pattern tatted in size 20 Lizbeth #119, Jelly Bean was just the soothing she needed. Again, the pattern has been included on her blog. Usha inspired her to try dot picots again with credible results.

Fox found a fancy button and some new beads, combined with some thread she acquired for a new project which resulted in a really sweet button motif. Finally, Edelweiss by Renulek, tatted in Lizbeth light silver #40, is 10" across. Another charming button motif with pale green thread and blue beads.

Margaret chose size 20 Lizbeth thread in Grape Pizzaz and white for the tat along with Alenalea, and noted that while it's a lovely pattern to tat and the outside round is very pretty, you need to watch it as she made two big cock ups and had to cut twice. She finally finished the other earring to the Pinterest post started on the 31st July using Lizbeth thread size 20 Niagara Falls, with white beads in the middle and blue seed beads on the rings, although she thinks the middle bead is too large. You can see from the Pinterest pattern that a smaller gauge bead was used.

Marie needed to empty a couple of shuttles, so she created this design which she may use to embellish a purse or box. This is a favorite, Celtic pattern from  "Il Mio Chiacchierino". She turned her  "Crosses Within A Cross," Greek cross, into a Traditional Cross. This doodle became the prototype for the "Mother's Day Brooch" and she decided to turn it into a bookmark. She emptied more shuttles coming up with this bookmark design. The design didn`t quite lay flat so she added another ring and chain. It`s still not right so she`s going to try again.

Martha had this image pop into her head when she heard Palmetto TatDay's theme was "Tat-a-Con".

Muskaan continues to play with floating beads and include marvelous pictorals on how you can do the same. Look at all the possibilities she has found for using these techniques. Even more play with floating beads.

Sue tatted these earrings in size 40 Lizbeth Angel's Love with green glass center beads and small green glass beads and they were promptly claimed by her daughter. Her daughter has quite a few tatted earrings. She tatted this tiny dangle quite a long time ago, but just found it and finished off the ends and added the hanger. This piece,with a bingo chip in the middle is tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Butterfly Breeze with plastic kids beads and tiny glass beads and features a cross in the middle. She tatted these Ice Drop earrings in size 40 Lizbeth Niagara Falls. She has added 4 more motifs to her tablecloth. And 1 more motif to the section showing the full open circles. In her latest personal challenge to tat ornaments she has one more done and here are the top, side and bottom views. She tatted 2 of Elaine P. Gan's angels in size 3 thread with an iridescent thread in it.  Using the same design as the red ornament, this one in in Snow White Lizbeth going on a red glass ornament. Here`s the finished ornament from all sides.

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