Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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Marthanne started her 3rd motif which is #58 found on page 30 of A Tatter's Workbook, but then she realized she didn't start it properly. She started it again and this time completed it successfully, but her pull through thread broke hiding the last thread so she just knotted it and made a loop. Her last motif isn't numbered in the book, it's just called medallion.

Sarah tatted Leen's Tatted Angel, which she got from a now defunct Geocities web site, but fortunately the pattern is still available from the Wayback machine.

Batty Tatter tatted Jane's little bird and put him in a water colour tree.

Elsa has finally put the finishing touches on her acrylic and tatting picture. She had part of the shawl done, but had to tat the second half. The shawl uses the figure of 26 from Priscilla Tatting Book 3 and some medallions of a DMC book by Thérèse de Dillmont. She used the same medallions in darker shades on the back of the shawl, accompanied by the magnificent dragon by Anne Bruvold.

Melanie tried out the Block Heart Bracelet designed by Muskaan in both needle and shuttle using size 20 Lizbeth thread.

Sue finished Jane's TIAS and has her very own crinoline lady

Lelia has Day 10 of TIAS done in both Lizbeth size 20 Colour 403, Winter Ice  Twirlz and Lizbeth size 20 Colour 161, Sea Island Citrus.

Diane tatted this Ice Drop with a Hello Kitty charm. She tried the beach themed beads again, but they really are too big. Seven motifs done on her sister in law's runner. She did 3 more Ice drops and is amazed at how the different gems and ribbons make for totally different looks. She finished her latest Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. This is a glow in the dark gem, but she's never taken the time to see if it really glows in the dark. Fudge Dk thread paired up with a blue gem, blue ribbon and a variation of Mary Donohue's pattern made a gorgeous Ice Drop. There's the eighth motif done and the runner is really growing. This silver glass gem just called out for the silver and white ribbon. She's surprised at how much she likes the white gems with Lizbeth #153, Rainbow Taffy thread. She's already got 16 of them done.

Eliz has been sick and suffering with breathing difficulties so she hasn't been able to do much, but she finally completed her TIAS crinoline lady. (Hope you're feeling better soon!)

Fox finished the impossibly tight row and then discovered that the chain should have had 2 picots. That would do it. Needless to say after some choice words, she hunted up the scissors.

Margaret used Lizbeth Springtime and Green Coral Sea size 20 to tat these two hearts from a pattern called Valentines Day Heart by Edda Guastalla. This pattern is also called Valentine Heart by Etha Schuette and she made it into an ice drop, first with a red gem which was too dark, and then with this clear one.

Marie looked for low domed cabochons to teach a class, but they're not all the same and her husband suggested using buttons like this one which is the first of her button collection. This is the second button she did.

Muskaan has been playing around with Armenian Lace, which led to lattice tatting which she is trying to coax into a heart bookmark for Valentine's day. Her Block tatted heart is done as a pendant with a drop bead. Then it's done as a brooch with a tiny flower embellishment. It's next incarnation is as a bracelet and whichever you tat, it's bound to be lovely.

Nikki made 18 of these heart ornaments and got them sent out more or less in time for Valentine's. The pattern is called Accidental Heart by Natalie. She tried out
Birgit Phelps called Sweetheart and she liked it, but she needed something repetitive that didn't take too much concentration. The heart on the right is a pattern by Betsy Evans called Small Tatted Heart, which was again hard to remember, and she didn't like how it turned out. The Tat Chat heart by LaRae Mikulecky was large and would need a lot of stiffening, so she gave it a pass. Irene Woo's Butterfly Heart had large rings that she found difficult to close and since she didn't want to fight with every heart, she didn't choose this pattern either.

HisKid test tatted Elaine P. Gan's Hearts of Bliss earrings for her 8 year old granddaughter in size 40 Lizbeth Razzle Dazzle with tiny purple beads.

Wanda's Mom picked up a hat at a garage sale but she didn't like the feather decoration, so she replaced it with a tatted hat band that Wanda made for her a long time ago.

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Jill McTats said...

I sincerely appreciate all your efforts to bring tatting into our lives every so often. It's interesting to see what others are doing. Thank you.