Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas Trees, Doilies, Snowflakes, Ice Drops, Edgings, Star, Butterfly, Dress and Cross

Pop Maria used a pattern from Kreatives Knüpfen in Band 1 Occhi-Technik by Helma Siepmann to create this winter evening picture.

Nikki was hoping to get this doily completed for Christmas, but she discovered a mistake 2 rows back and just put it aside in disgust. Ouch, we all feel the pain of that one. She went on to tat snowflakes working from a picture rather than a pattern, but then the snowflake started going wonky but rather than stop she kept on going. Shhhh! don't tell anyone, they'll never know the difference. I keep telling people it isn't a mistake, it's a design variation!!! Whatever it is, it finishes her 25 motifs and she's going to start again. She saw pictures of these little snowflakes on Pinterest and it wasn't hard to figure out the pattern. Here's another one she figured out from a picture. This little snowflake whose pattern can be found at Tats all is called Betsy snowflake.

Sarah tatted this snowflake which is a modified motif #105 from Tatted Fashion by Teiko Fujito.

Melanie has been intrigued by all of the pictures she's seen so she tatted her own Ice Drop in very dramatic black size 30 with a frosted white stone.

Sue was tempted by Diane's Ice Drop and she had to tat it.

Cindy blames Diane and her Ice Drops tutorial for getting her hooked on tatting Ice Drops like these tatted in Size 20 Lizbeth #132, Tropical Punch. Her first one done while tatting and chatting had a few extra stitches. She decided that she liked the tatted chain better that a ribbon, so that's what she did with the others. One done in size 20 Ecru and one in size 20 Lizbeth #147, Red Burst. Then she had to add beads so one m,ore done in Size 20 Lizbeth, #164, Blue River Glades, with beads

Diane is enjoying using Island Breeze for her Ice Drops as it has so many possibilities for accent colours. Adding sequins and a different coloured ribbon give the thread a totally different look. She continues to play with sequins preferring to add the sequins as she goes rather than stringing them on at the beginning. Marti on the Ice Drop Addicts Facebook page showed some absolutely gorgeous pieces with sequins which got Diane started on making her own with sequins. following another suggestion she tried adding a bead to keep her sequin in place. This snippet is one pattern repeat of Edging 5 from Heritage Patterns by Norma Benporath. She used #37 of Patti Duff's Minitats and loves the red and white. The "Itsy, Bitsy, Baby" edging from Nice and Easy Tatted Edgings by Diane DiRosa Biswas is super simple. This Ice Drop is based on #48 in Patti Duff's Minitats in her Mom's favourite colour, Red. She decided to try layering sequins and she loves the colours, but she thinks the scale is off so she'll be saving the larger sequins for larger gem stones. She thought of her granddaughter Eva as she worked on this one because turquoise is her favourite colour. She loves these shades of blue and green together on this Ice Drop.


Fox is about a quarter of the way around the last row and this doily is measuring about 23". The beads were bought a few summers ago at a garage sale and she had forgotten about them but she realized that they would be just perfect in the last repeats. Because of their size she couldn't just string them on so she has been adding them one by one as she goes.

Jane used size 20 Cebelia that she dyed herself to tat Frivole's Crystal Star. She tatted this butterfly whose designer is unknown, but Claudia Huber counted the stitches and Muskaan wrote a pattern and diagram,

Margaret has been asked for the pattern for this tatted dress and she has now posted it on her blog.

Marie tatted "Monica", from Tatted Bookmarks, by Lene Bjorn, but it has too many changes of direction to tat mindlessly.

Muskaan tatted Fourteenth Day of December Snowflake by Lene Björn in blue, silver and white, but to keep the silver thread from fraying she tatted loosely, leaving the chains floppy. The Thirteenth Day of December Snowflake by Lene Björn was tatted in 5 shades of embroidery floss for a graduated effect.

Phyllis started a snowflake that has diamond shapes in it referenced in a book by Anne Dyer To Boldly Go Where No Shuttle Has Gone Before although she was doing it with 5 points, except that it didn't work so she's back to the drawing board.

Sue is still working on Renulek's spring 2016 doily and the steady meditative process is helping her cope with the difficulty of her mother's death and all the accompanying stresses.

Wanda was tempted by Diane to tat Ice Drops instead of snowflakes this year which were a lot of fun, but she did fewer of them because they had to be hand delivered rather than mailed.

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