Sunday, July 10, 2016

Doilies, Heart, Snowflakes, Bookmarks, Motifs, Edging, Pendants, Pin, Garter, Earrings and Glasses Case

Mistene tatted some Mary Konior designs in Lizbeth size 20 thread and it looks like she's into another 25 Motifs. These are, the ever popular Spinning Wheels, and Mary's Queen of Hearts. She found a mistake in round 3, while doing round 5, of the Heart doily and managed to cut out the offending area, fix it in a satisfying manner. Much better that cutting off two rows of lace! She started round 6 practising front side/back side tatting on the 20 hearts. She's trying to get in shape for Phase I of Tatters Across Time's Tatting Proficiency Program and looking forward to sharpening up her skills.

Sharon tatted the Dianne Doily Pattern in ecru DMC cordonet size 30 for the Fleming County Fair  and used the darkest sheet of scrapbook paper that she could find for the background. She entered 4 items and won 4 ribbons. The Doily in Tatting won first place, the Earrings (red barely in photo) won first place for Jewelry other that Beading, the yellow ornament drape won first place for Ornament Spring and the Snowflake, won second place for Ornament Winter.

Pop Maria tatted Lene Bjorn's thirteenth Day of December as part of the Craftree challenge using split chains and she thinks she'll tat it again.

Batty Tatter is back from her vacation, but she did manage to get a little tatting in, in spite of a sprained thumb.

Elsa saw one tatter's shawls made in two different ways using a traditional wheel pattern and was intrigued by it. The wheel can be made with or without beads on the outer round of the wheel. The shape of the finished piece is either rectangular or triangular, depending on how the wheels are joined together and Elsa has included beautiful diagrams to show how it's done along with helpful suggestions for working your own.

Melanie has been auditioning some corner options for an edging from the Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito. The first seemed to have too many split rings, the second was too triangular, but the third is promising, although it might want something to fill in the negative space.

Cindy has been enjoying perfect weather, just right for catching up on some reading and of course what's a book without a lovely tatted bookmark.

Diane spent some time away from electronics which resulted in lots of tatting like Spinning Wheel glass mat in size 20 Lizbeth #616, Daffodil Med. Then Spinning Wheel in size 20 Lizbeth #170, Pineapple Parfait. Then there's on in discontinued thread, Perfect Quilter #088, Leaf Me Alone. Travelling took a toll on her but she still managed to tat round 1 of Robin Perfetti's Square Coaster from her newest pattern pack, Tatted Coasters, using the last of her  Pond HDT from Yarnplayer and now she will have to choose a coordinating colour for the second round. She did the second round in Lizbeth #709 River Blue Dk which was a lovely match. She decided to continue using the River Blue for her next Spinning Wheel. This one's almost done. Tollway Tatters gathered again and Sue was able to join them this time and shared her gorgeous doily which she is tatting in size 80 thread. Doris, Sue's friend joined them and she's new to tatting making rings only, but she tatted these flowers to make a hairclip like the one Marilee wore. Diane, of course, finished off another Spinning Wheel.

Eliz tatted the Eleventh Day of December in DMC Cebelia size 30 in white decreasing the size of the picots making it just over 8 cm in diameter. She had plans to tat 2 snowflakes a month for the Craftree challenge, but didn't get any done for June. She's all caught up now with the Twelfth Day of December,  Fourteenth Day of December and Fifteenth Day of December all in White, size 30 DMC.

Fox has decided that she likes the colour change in her Rectangles Doily. Her focus was on Zentangle and her tatting suffered greatly. Scissors were involved and copious amounts of re-tatting.

Laurette completed round 12 from Tatting Theory and Patterns by Jan Stawasz and it's about 24" across at this point. This is the 5 rounds of Rectangular Luncheon Set from Anne Orr's Classic Tatting Patterns.

Lilas experimented with shuttle tatting, needle tatting and crotatting to show the difference in the finished laces. Her conclusion was that needle and crotatting were easier but if you're looking for fine results you need to shuttle tat. As a challenge, some of the tatters on Facebook were talking about tatting in the dark, and here is the results of Lilas' effort in Cebelia size 20. She's thinking of trying it again with fine thread and beads.

Margaret tatted the Eleventh Day of December from Lene Bjorn's book in pure white, Lizbeth thread.

Marie wanted to make something that didn't take too much concentration so she did this pendant. She started out just making something using up the thread on her shuttle, but what she ended up with was something that looked like a horseshoe so she added another row, a few beads, a focal point and now she likes it so much she's keeping it.

Muskaan fell in love with this Mediterranean Tatting Diet bookmark by Ninetta Caruso. The bookmark was shared as a tatalong on 2015. The First Course, an Appetiser : fragola-en-curle (strawberry). She left out the beads, but it used a curled ring calyx made with doubled silk thread in shaded green. The second course is Salad,  crispy fresh fogile & nuts in vinaigrette (Leaves). Muskaan was thrilled that there were no ends to hide. Third course, the EntrĂ©e a luscious stacked Fiori in creamy pesto (Flower) which features Ninetta's cute and easy way to make a dimpled ring. She tried Patty Dowden’s Josephine knots on a floating twisted picot for this one. Final course is Dessert a sweet spiralli & vermicelli dipped in  saffron-flavoured syrup (Encapsulation) Stems and Tassel.

Sue is about half way around row 13 on the Spring Doily, and about 2 feet long on the edging for her Christmas bow.  Elaine P. Gan's Flourish with the Cross is being tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Caribbean and Lilac Dk. She enjoyed being with the Tollway Tatters, seeing what everyone was working on and looking at the HDT Yarnplayer brought.

Wanda's Flagged Edging was used by P. Melanie Vliet to create a garter for her son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s wedding. She made one to keep and one to throw. Using the same pattern as a start she also made herself earrings. Melanie has used another of Wanda's patterns, ‘Hanging Basket Edging’, to decorate an eye-glass case.  

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