Monday, June 20, 2016

Doilies, Motifs, Bracelet, Earrings, Coaster, Butterfly and Techniques

Mistene ordered some luscious HDT from Yarnplayer and started the Heart Doily from Land of Laces with some of the Summer Trail thread.

Jane is working on Motif 36 using size 40 thread, just because it came to hand first when she was looking for thread and she's thinking she should use this size thread more often. She finished motif 36 shortening the inner chains, hoping that she got the correct amount of stitches so that the motif lies flat. Teiko Fujito's book says to use her outer thread joining method for the dense rosette in the centre but pulling the shuttle thread too tight on this design resulted in a mess. She reverted to shuttle joins, but to avoid bright pink colour blips on them, she tatted just one round with pink and then used the pastel variegated thread on shuttle and ball which worked perfectly. Jane started the individual flower motifs with a reef knot to join the 2 colours and then sewed the ends in for a neater finish. That's a lot of little ends to hide. The final result is a very pretty little motif 38.

Nikki found that the last 2 rows on her doily have gone pretty well as they are just rings and chains and the repetitiveness of doing a doily seems to be a bit calming so that is a very good thing.

Elsa isn't a fan of lace and beads, but this design for a Russian bracelet by Tatyana Buyvolova changed her mind.

Sue has another round completed on the enormous doily she has been tatting. She also made another earwig worked in an Altin Basak 50 from the Ring of Tatters beading book and DVD.

Diane finished test tatting Robin Perfetti's Victorian Doily from her soon-to-be-published book of coasters in size 20 Lizbeth, Wedgewood Dk. It's 4 3/4" across, just the right size for a coaster. She worked a little more on her newest Spinning Wheel glass mat using size 20 Helm's Deep HDT from Sherry, LadyShuttleMaker. She started blogging 9 years ago on Sherry's recommendation and it's only fitting that on her anniversary she's working with one of Sherry's hand dyed threads. Here's the finished Spinning Wheel in Helm's Deep HDT by Sherry. Her next Spinning Wheel is already started using size 20 Pond, hand-dyed thread from Yarnplayer.

Eliz is working a little on all of her "works in progress", using WIP Wednesday to help her keep on track. The Renulek tat-along doily is just over 20 cm in diameter at the end of round 8 in size 80 thread. The tea cloth test tat she's doing for Jessica is at round 3 approximately 12 cm in diameter so far in size 40. The Concentric Rectangles doily has just two more rounds to go and it's 15 cm by 22.5 cm thus far in size 20.

Fox is finding that the Concentric Rectangles doily that she's tatting with some of Lea's HDT size 50 is not difficult, but it requires a lot of concentration and unbroken focus. It's coming along and pictured now with a matching shuttle.

Lilas has created a special selection of tatted bridal pieces including combs bracelets and hair ornaments.

Marie likes this rosy butterfly done with 3 strands of sewing thread much better. She had fun tatting around this doo dad and she left the threads hanging while she decided what she wanted to do to finish it off. She's test tatting a coaster pattern for "Tatting by the Bay". She decided to add her recently tatted doo dad to her new tatting/lucet case.

Muskaan has completed round 11 of Renulek's tatalong doily which now measures 11½” in size 40 Anchor Mercer 4054-0300. Her work on the doily led to experimenting with when to "post" the shuttle and fortunately for us, she recorded her results. See her detailed description for further enlightenment.

HisKid has finally finished round 11 on the Spring doily although it's still ruffling around the edges.

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