Thursday, March 24, 2016

Crown, Edging, Shamrock, Doodles, Snowflakes, Doilies, Butterflies, Necklaces, Crosses, Flowers and Button Motifs

Eliz used soft pink teardrop-shaped beads in this upper section of Gale Marshall's Queen Mom Memorial Crown, which she is adapting, although they look rather brown in this photo with the black background. A drive to Memphis with her daughter meant that she had lots of tatting time to work on the Norma Benporath Mystery Cake Doyley. When she got home she did some more work on the crown.

Nikki loves Saint Patrick's day because her all time favourite colour is green and she made 6 of these to send them to her family, modifying the pattern from Frivole to suit her requirements. While playing around with it she made a mistake and then kept going to see what happens when you weave a chain under or over another one and attach it at random places. That's also known as designing, even if the results aren't spectacular.

Sarah modified the original pattern by Nancy Tracy of Be-Stitched, adding a repeat to make a 6-pointed snowflake, adding a picot at the tip of the "petal", and omitting a picot or two from the "fluffy" part of the pattern. She really likes the central star, but it's obscured by some picots, and some of the picots in the "fluffy" part overlap each other which always annoys her, so I tried it again with her original variations but removing more picots.

Batty Tatter doubled the pattern for Mary Konior's Spinning Wheels Glass Mat for her friend who wants to display her ceramic rabbits on it.

Melanie did a sample of celtic knot picots. She proved she could needle tat passibly, making this Celtic Knot Butterfly pattern from Rozella F. Linden’s book Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns.

Diane had high hopes of finishing round two of her Concentric Rectangles doily, but ran out of steam. Round two is done and guess what colour she's using next? She loves the Charcoal Lizbeth #606 so much, it just had to be tatted into a Spinning Wheel glass mat. The next colour for the Rectangles doily is... Gold! Rumpelstiltskin spun straw into gold and in size 20 Lizbeth Gold #611, she will always think of this as her Rumpelstiltskin Spinning Wheel. She hasn't had much tatting time, so she hasn't made much progress. She was able to finish her Gold Spinning Wheel glass mat and she thinks Rumpelstiltskin would be proud! She decided to use two colours for the next mat and she's anxious to see how it will turn out.

Fox is using the last of her HDT - #70 - a gift from Lea, and a simple Mary Konior edging pattern so that she doesn't run out. She's still waiting for the thread to complete her Land of Laces doily and she doesn't want to start another large project until it's done and in the interim, she's done more work on her edging.

Lilas used both tatting and bobbin lace in this unique necklace and presented both it, and the Moulin Rouge necklace, as well as other things, in the European days of handcraft, in Touques for an exhibition entitled "Precious world".

Margaret tatted a pattern by Mariya Davydova for St Patrick's day. She has completed another row on the Land of laces doily, in Cranberry bush rings with light leaf green chains using size 20 Lizbeth thread. She has finished her goal for this doily and will begin the next round after she has tatted a few smaller bits.

Marie tatted this bookmark, called "Bible Bookmark", by Monica Hahn which was challenging because she did it in one round. Another cross from Jan's, Tatted Treasures. Angela's "Butterfly Morfo" pattern was tatted using 3 strands of embroidery sewing thread.

Muskaan tatted Patricia Lyn Cobb's Star Trek Bangle using Celtic Knotted Picots, Split Rings, Catherine Wheel Joins, S-Chain and S-Chain with picots. Before using the S chain with picots, she did a quick trial with the metallic wires and noted that this gives a mock Pearl Tatting effect, using only 2 threads. She tatted spring themed patterns from Georgia’s Nellie Hall Project, where volunteers have rewritten/converted Nellie’s motifs into modern format and Jane Eborall’s latest flower motif.

Sue plans to make the large Starflower tatted in size 40 Lizbeth, Niagara Falls into a pendant and maybe make earrings to match. The small one is in the same size Boysenberry Dk. This design is tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Coral Splash, a colour she just had to have. She got the next round done in size 40 Lizbeth Salmon Med and then went back to Coral Splash. She's loving how this design gets better and better with each successive row.

Wanda is tatting up a lot of buttons for International Tatting Day...except that people keep expressing interest in them and she keeps giving them away rather than accumulating a stash to give out April first.

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