Thursday, May 07, 2015

Flowers, Motifs, Owl, Doilies, Butterflies, Earrings, Edging and Doodles

Mary Lena tatted flowers in different colours with beaded centres and added them to a leather bracelet.

Sue intends making Jane's Square Motif in lots of different colours as a mat and a great way to use up ends. An owl is in the works to join Morgan Mouse on her phone case.

Diane went along for the ride while her DH made deliveries and was able to finish off Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat in size 10 Lizbeth Western Sunset. She's getting close to the halfway point on this round of the Jan Stawasz Masterpiece doily. Since other things got in the way she had little tatting time, but she did get one little butterfly done.

Jenn test tatted another pattern for Elaine P Gan called Balloon Earrings. She decided to tat "Runde und eckige motive", a design from her newly purchased, Book Depository: Occhi Schiffchenspitze Frivolite.

Marie finished her doily, which she made to go on top of her grandmother's jewelry box. She started another doily from Jan's, "Tatting Theory", his Doily III in size 10 thread.

HisKid inspired and tatted from Robin Perfetti's Priscilla Cross and Square pattern, created the Priscilla Mini Square using up the thread on the shuttle to make it.

Wanda completed her "Finn" edging and now comes the tedious part of sewing down all of the picots. Using up the thread on her shuttles has resulted in lots of little butterfly and flower doodles, so she thought she would see if she could make them look like wood or metal, these are her first experiments on wood.

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