Thursday, February 13, 2014

TIAS, Heart, Motifs, Easter Egg, Doily and Earrings

Sue used Rainbow Taffy on Jane's TIAS and she's sure day 14 is some kind of "HumberElla".

Lelia tatted Rosemarie Peel's Heart Pattern in HDT by Marilee Rockley. The little heart was made with Lizbeth size 20 based on the Three Little Hearts pattern by Grace Tan.

Linda also tatted the Three Little Hearts by Grace Tan, all in Lizbeth size 20. Heart 1 is Fruity Frizz #139, heart 2 is Sherbert Delight #108 and the 3rd heart is SCMR Tropical Punch #132.
The bottom 2 hearts are from Nancy Tracy, at Be-stitched. The Tatted Josephine Heart is Lizbeth Honey Drizzle #180 and Tatted Butterfly Heart is Lizbeth Country Grape Swirl # 140.

Diane has received some wonderful beaded motifs from Stephanie to share with her class. Paige practiced her picots today. Delaney finished her six inches of Fancy Pants and chose the airplane as her prize. When Paige finished her pattern of chains and picots, she chose this adorable little dog. Peyton is working really hard to get her six inches of Fancy Pants completed because she's using size 20 when everyone else is using size 10. Diane did this motif from Minitats because she needed a bread from the larger project she's working on.

Fox has been working from the Easter Egg Book. This one in is #12 Anchor Perle she received from Liyarra. All of the eggs done so far are earmarked for the grandkids and she has one more to do in green. She wasn't pleased with the last heart she did, so she had to give it another try in Milford #40 which split like crazy. Here's the first heart for comparison. She's on the final round of her doily, but she's had so much un-tatting that she's run out of the Lizbeth #40, so she has picked out another thread for the final round.

Marie tatted another spider pattern from Penelope. This one is a black widow spider done in size 10 thread.

Orsi is quite pleased with her stylish and elegant Ankars earrings.

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