Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Motifs, Snowflakes, Angel, Doilies and Butterfly

Aysh tatted this pattern by Jan Stawasz called 'Bukiet kwiatow w wazonie' in the book Frywolitka using DMC Babylo in a variegated marigold shade.

Sharon avoids doing 2 colour work because she hates hiding ends. This  Snowflake was finished in a class taken with the Shuttle Brothers, using thread loops and filament loops for hiding ends.

Ginny shares her slow and steady progress on the angel and the delicacy of the mignonette makes a beautiful contrast to bright red of the dress which is really stunning.

Fox has taken a brief interlude from her doily to tat another repeat in Sulky. The mystery doily is growing and round 5 nears completion.

Marie used one of her favourite Lizbeth colours, Blue River Glades in size 40 on the top of this butterfly Sea Green Light on the bottom.

Wanda thought decorating small bags with a shape in material as a background then decorating it with small bits of tatting and maybe a few buttons would be quick and easy. But as you can see with the lovely and imaginative tatting she has added they are lovely, but not quite quick and easy. They're gorgeous and now I want one.

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