Thursday, June 06, 2013

Necklace, Motifs, Cross and Suncatcher,

Jane is making progress on the necklace using her own pattern which is shown on her blog.

Fox started a motif by Iris Niebach and gave up in frustration. She stared it again the other day and this time she had success, although she did only 5 of the 6 repeats because she thought she was running out of thread. Of course being on a roll she had to do something with beads, so here is Jane's Twirly using thread from Connie and is Karey Solomon’s #20. The next try on the Iris Niebach motif sadly ran into a mistake that needed to be cut.

Marie tatted Wanda's Graduation cross again switching the colours to Blue River Glades in the interior with a white border.

Sue is addicted to suncatchers. The first is tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Island Breeze. Next, is size 40 Lizbeth Scottish Thistle. Followed by one she is keeping, done in size 40 Jess' HDT Queen Anthias, with a finding from Jolimama in Hungary.

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