Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boat, Motifs, Crosses, Earrings, Doilies, Snowflake, Edging and Butterfly

Laurie tatted the boat from Pam Palmer's Tatting Makes Three although she doesn't think it looks like it. The thread is size 40 Lizbeth in 656 Dark Wedgewood. Then she tackled split rings and found that her biggest challenge was NOT flipping stitches. Me too, that's why I used the dead spider because the change of hand position reminds me not to flip.

Jane made little muslin bags and decorated them with bits from her tatting tin to hold the earrings she just completed. Her next project is Two Hearts in One by Martha Ess although she's in a bit of a muddle with it. She used the cut off thread to tat Grace Tan's, Jane's Bookmark Cross.

Ginny has been playing with earrings. She's wondering if anyone has seen a design similar anywhere and notes that both are simple to make.

Kristen is thrilled that the big doily is done. Isn't it gorgeous? It's so large that she had to use one of the large boxes from their move to block it on. It's a full 20 inches of loveliness and she calculated that just the last row of it took 16.2 hours to complete.

Diane was ready to join the next arm to the center when she realized an earlier mistake and had to cut and fix. At least it wasn't a variegated thread. In consolation she started another Spinning Wheel glass mat by Mary Konior. Does Diane have a passion to cover the world in Spinning Wheel Glass Mats?

Fox shows us her progress on the Jan Stawsz doily. She only has 3 rows to go but one of them involves lots of ends to hide and she's not looking forward to it. On another note, she has decided that the Boye shuttles she ordered aren't her cup of tea and she's willing to exchange them for skein of HDT.

Marie tatted this purple cross called, Christina, in size 80 thread.  This cross called Monica, was also done in size 80 thread.

Mica tatted Jon's Featherline Snowflake using DMC special dentelles No. 80 in white.

Sue bought some spools of variegated quilting thread to tat with, however she found the thread to be very, very fine. For comparison, the thread on the bottom is Rainbow Bright size 100. The quilting thread on top is finer than size 100. Here it is in Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel pattern where it measures a petite 3 inches across.

Wanda couldn't resist putting pink fabric with gold sparkles together with some purple fabric and adding a row of tatting in white thread with a gold filament and some beads to make a wonderful little girl's skirt for her granddaughter. The wee butterfly marks the front where the beads are, so she's not sitting on lumpy beads.

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