Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flowers, Motifs, Crosses, Doilies and Bracelet

Jane revisited Maltese tatting to make these sunflowers. A scattering of them on the corner of a food cover make for a lovely gift. The hyperbolic purple flower was a bit floppy, so when she did the white one she kept her tension very tight and the picots very small.

Ginny is working on perfecting the many variations of the flowers she will be teaching at the Fringe Element tat days.

Nancy's friend found this pattern in an antique book 'Lessons in Tatting' by Nellie Ellison and she just loves the flow of the pattern, with and without beads.

Linda tatted these Split Ring Crosses using a pattern from Wendy Durell in size 40 threads. After tatting the first one she did the second with picots and she likes the way they both turned out. Here's the centre of the "Blue Doily" by Eileen Stafford in Lizbeth size 20, Pineapple Parfait #170. This is the finished doily, but she's thinking about adding some clover leaves as a final touch.

Cindy tatted Yakut from Jon's book Elegant Tatting Gems with beads, but ran out of the Lizbeth Leaf Green Size 20 thread she was using. Thankfully, Michelle sent her enough thread to finish the motif.

Fox had a wee injury that kept her from doing much, but she kept her shuttle warm with a little bit of tatting. After several appointments with scissors this round of the Snowflake Napkin is done.

Marie used size 10 thread showing one of her students how to add a bead to the middle of a ring and the result was this bracelet she calls Easter Bracelet.

Mica tatted Minitats motifs 35-39 and her favourite is 35, the one on the left.

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