Friday, August 31, 2012

Bookmark, Heart, Dragons, Motifs, Edgings, Bracelet, Necklace, Earrings, Wheel Barrow, Ornaments, Doily and Leaf

Margaret made Kersti's tatted floral bookmark, a Valentine heart from free-tatting and several butterflies in Lizbeth size 20 Summer Fun.

Marie has tatted Anne Bruvold's dragon in Lizbeth, size 20, Caribbean, Lizbeth, size 20, Turquoise Twist, and Lizbeth, size 20, Tropical Punch.

Julie's grandmother tatted candle stick doilies in a larger thread for under each candle on either side of the mirror on an antique dresser. Two small doilies with tatted edgings and elaborate corners, sat on either side of the dresser and a larger one sat in the middle of the heirloom treasure.

Jessica had forgotten how much she likes working with size 80 thread until she did the bracelet from a Priscilla book.

Marta used malachite beads and black pearl linen thread to create the rain forest green necklace and earring set.

Linda used a tatted wheelbarrow filled with a bouquet of silk flowers to accent this quilt block.

Diane tatted a version of Jon's Toshti pattern on a finding for this wonderful square design.

Fox added a doodad (finding) to Jon's Toshti design and created this wonderful motif. She tried out several different edgings for the hanky, but none seemed to fit. Then she switched to a very simple chain edging in size 40 Lizbeth in navy. It's simplicity is absolutely perfect for the floral hanky. Now she's on to something a little more exacting.

Isdihara was checking her supplies for Tat Days and came across last year's unfinished Winter Solstice earrings so she finished them up.

Jess has done more of her star flower design top two are Mindanao Gum and Rainbowlicious, while the bottom two are Graffiti and Macarons. The school of fish were tatted for Livi by Ms. Sarah who also sent her Jess's Starflower design done in glow in the dark white and Jess's Rainbowlicious. Jess's ornament won first prize at the fair as did her barrettes, but her doily got both First place AND Best of Show.

Martha did these quick and easy beaded lanyards for Tat Days and shows how it can have a definite front and back, or not depending on whether or not you turn it after each ring.

Tattabugg used Lizbeth Autumn Spice in size 80 to tat this fall leaf.

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