Monday, February 13, 2012

TIAS, Motifs, Cross, Edging, Snowflakes, Hearts and Flowers

JB's TIAS has been dubbed the debonair William T. Goat.

Mariya's first TIAS goat was named Winter, but he was lonely so she tatted Spring to keep him company. Then she was looking for something with a large ring to use for testing some threads and came up with this square looking motif that she has included  the pattern for on her blog. That was fine except her husband thought it looked like a 4 leaf clover and wanted her to tat one for him. So she tried out several variations until she came up with one they both like. Then she did the little dragonfly that is Riet's pattern for practicing SSSRs.

Jess calls this TIAS, PW for the Pink Western thread he's tatted in. The headless, legless version apparently scared him off.

Julie has been working on Mary Konior's "Large Cross" from Tatting with Visual Patterns in a size 70 variegated lavender/purple vintage Star thread #139. In playing with the pattern she created this edging that is perfect for a little girl's shirt in size 10 Coats Royal Classic Crochet Thread in Ocean.

Jessica is tatting an edging from Priscilla #2 in King Tut Quilting thread. Sadly, the gorgeous buffalo horn shuttle with the nice sharp point that she uses especially for working with this very fine thread got dropped and the fine point broke. So now she has to unwind the thread to but it on a more mundane clover shuttle in order to continue.

SunshineCraft tatted the 'Sahmura' snowflake from Jon Yusoff's Elegant Tatting Gems which reminds her very strongly of the traditional Malay accessories her grandmothers had.

Linda has done two of the three parts for a wall hanging that has hearts with tatted edgings and a few tatted hearts attached.

Diane finished her set of 4 flowers and has to decide which layout she prefers. Then while thinking about it she tatted 2 more in Juicy Watermelon which are a bit smaller but should work. Now she can't decide if she should tat 2 more to mix and match. Oh no! I think she's become addicted to tatting flowers. Is it time for an intervention?

Fox admired the lace in the Ruth Scharf book, but didn't think she would ever tat anything in it. Then she just had to join the Tat-Along and now look. She had to give Frivole's heart another go because the first one was less that perfect. So her it is in an unnamed HDT.

Kathy took Frivole's Happy Heart pattern tatted in size 20, Lizbeth Christmas red and added her usual Victorian flair to it by mounting it into a metal heart pendant with an adhesive scrapbook embellishment in the centre.

Marty's TIAS turned out to be a goat. Imagine that! In between tatting the goat she tatted a lot of hearts from a pattern she scribbled down on the back of a business card and most of them are done in Lizbeth size 20. The spiky-looking heart with glass beads is an adaptation of Iris Niebach's doily Cornelia but she didn't write it down. The other heart is Irene Woo's Butterfly Heart.

Tattabugg is trying out the Tat-Along and did her first two flowers, but she's not sure about the colour so she may try some others.

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It might be time for an intervention... I'm seeing floral motifs in almost every color of thread I look at! : )