Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lots and Lots of Tatting

Brigitte has been busy tatting jewelery for herself and a friend which she is really enjoying. The patterns for the two pair of earrings for herself come from freetatting.com and Elizabeth Zipay as do the necklace and earrings.

Sherry's creative juices are flowing again and after 15 tries she is happy with motif #7 of her second 25 motif challenge which she is doing in HDT. It is called Bleeding Hearts.

LauraRose is suffering from that problem that we all dread. She has run out of thread to complete her doily and is looking for suggestions.

Linda has two pieces of tatting to show us the first is a tatted Easter egg cover and the second is two crazy quilt cards.

Wanda has two bookmarks to show us which are # 16 and 17 of her challenge.

Neophyte's motif #6 are a pair of earrings designed by Elizabeth and made for her daughter.

Heather has been busy and has a bunch of motifs to add to her challenge. # 15 is a Vera Anne doily done in blue, #16 and 17 are 2 butterflies, #18 is a small doily and # 19 and 20 are butterflies and #21 is a small doily and # 21 and 22 necklaces and she includes the patterns.

Alan has a snowstorm on his blog and motif #6 is Ruth Perry's Celtic Snowflake.

Kathy's Pontiac GTO is 40 and she is embellishing a jacket with tatting to celebrate.

Jeanne writes to tell us about her daughters upcoming wedding and the tatting she is going to do for it.

Ellen displays some HDT that she won from Heather, a heart that was given to her by Felicia and some ATC that she has made.

Bhavani has made motif #16 which is a beaded bookmark for her challenge.

Anne has tatted five blue poppies for the IOLI conference this year.

Diane is going to be busy this summer taking classes so it is easy tatting for her.

Joy is working on one day projects which include an ornament and a cross.

Wally made some flowers with button centers.

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