Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Edgings, angels, TIAS, motifs and more

I know it's not tatting but Kelly has made a wonderfully delicious looking and educational cake! Do take a look.

Patricia's been tatting up a storm and shows us 1 to 7 of her 25 motif challenge. It's a pity she ran out of thread for 5!

Vinnie's been hard at work. She shows us a lovely bookmark and she's even been doing the new TIAS. She's also found her old tulip basket!

Ancolie's tatted a sweet mask in fine thread. Lovely for a mascarade ball.

Neophyte's done up Jane Eborall's SCMR bookmark. It looks lovely. She has also kindly showed us the link to the pattern which can be found here . I need to try this one.

Kathy's used Mary Mcarthy's butterfly to embellish easter eggs. Cool idea.

Jeanne's tatted up a little angel that is an adaptation of a pattern which was adapted by her thread exchange partner.

Tattingchic has more new shuttles! Aren't we all jealous.

Nita's tatted a cluny butterfly with #10 beadspread cotton

Ellen's received lovely gifts in the birthday exchange as well as from her family. She also shows us 2 bookmarks from her new Japanese book as well as her TIAS in progress.

LauraRose has been making fabri trading cards, embellishmd with tatting!

Chiara's showing us her new motif in DMC 30 ecru, She's also working on he TIAS

Eva's received some threads in a thread exchange and is working on the TIAS

Joy got some lizbeth thread in a thread exchnage and has made a snowflake. Lovely.

Wally's been following the TIAS and has also worked up a French pattern with beads.

I've finally got the SSSR done! Ringtrim's here!


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Please don't forget that I am in this challenge too.... (:

Lara said...

I have just finished my 1st bookmark of the 25 motif challenge.