Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Angel, Butterfly, Dragon, Coasters and Clovers

Shirl joins the challenge with this motif made with cotton perle DMC size 12, colour 644.
Chiara tatted this doily of flowers and clovers in DMC 20 in white. The pattern is found on "il lavoro chiacchierino" by Mani di fata. She has already completed day 2 of Iris' TIAS.
Linda tatted the Tat Chat Heart in Flora Thread size 20 and the finished size is 4" x 3 1/2" Linda notes that some patterns are easier to read and tat than others.
Vinnie used a braided type of thread to make this motif and needed to use a hair clip to hold the thread. She's been working on this flower edging that her mother in law wants to edge a suit, but making a corner on it is challenging. A second motif with the braided thread made a nice coaster but it's hard on her hands.
Wanda noticed that changing the picot size changed the bootie size in the pattern she was working on. All the booties are done with time to spare but no pictures yet.

TattingChic is working on TIAS using some new shuttles she found on Noreen Crone Findlay's blog.

Nita tatted the free pattern from Nancy Tracy and used size 20 grey Cebelia for this it.
Ellen shows the 2nd paper clip pattern she did for Georgia's Online Tatting Class, it's a Lucky Four Leaf Clover which can also be done as a 3-leaf shamrock or tatted as a bookmark. Ellen has TIAS for day 2 done.
Iris has posted day 2 of TIAS and as always, it's hard to imagine what it will become.

Anne shows the samples tatted from the 1912 Emmanuel Bocher Tatting Book, and notes that some of the techniques for creating them require using short lengths of thread on a needle. She is also showing some really interesting pieces that are works in progress.
Diane finished "Springtime" from The Tatter's Treasure Chest, edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep tatted in Lizbeth size 20 but found it needed serious blocking to get it flat. After struggling with this one she did another Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior in Yarnplayer's HDT Weathered Stone, size 20.
Eva had to re-do the TIAS after a false start. The little angel is finished and also her snowflake, but she thinks she has to take another look a the patterns so that she can publish them on a pattern blog. The old version of the angel is in the links list on her blog.
Jeff tatted Ringtrim, the Norwegian Micro Dragon in DMC Perle Cotton size 12 in colour numbers 932 and 503.
Sherry is enthralled with the "Butterflies are Free" theme for Shuttlebirds and mentions the butterfly contest. If you are interested check out the contest details. The girls of 4:00 O'clock Rock are making terrific progress. Jinju tatted one of Sherry's free patterns in "GOODNESS GRAPECIOUS" size 20 hand dyed silk, and plain white silk and it looks delicious. Hye-Soon tatted this cross in Tutti Frutti HDT and Kyoung-Mi used the same colour for this flower motif. Meanwhile Sherry just had to try out the TIAS in the multicoloured size 20 "TROPICANA" hand dyed silk, and the purple is size 20 "Goodness Grapecious" hand dyed silk.
Wally tatted Ellen's 4 Lucky Clover pattern in an Italian thread whose name she can't remember but the size is similar to 40 and the green is El Beida 12. Then she did her own version of it.

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