Monday, December 08, 2008

Snowflakes, Prizes, Doilies and a Bear

Heather is almost finished the patterns for her third book this year. This one will be motifs and some will contain split chains as she tried this technique for the first time and really enjoyed it.

Tattingchic posts a picture of a silk snowflake that she vows to have finished by Christmas and she shows us her recent winnings from a Sandra Evertson blog giveaway

Ais has finished the Pretty Doily Tat Along and it also counts as # 16 for her 25 Motif Challenge. She learned a few new skills while making this doily which you can find out about by reading her blog. Ais you have good reason to be proud.

Aileen has been busy tatting the lace for her bridesmaids dress for her sisters wedding this month and is getting behind on Christmas gifts. She did manage to tat a butterfly that counts as motif #3.

Ellen has been busy and has mailed of her Secret Santa package, tatted two more of her trees, designed two more items but she can't show us pictures yet and shows us a picture of a bracelet that she macrame. Very pretty.

Anne tells us of a knitting crisis she had involving 1,000 stitches and a circular needle that came apart.
Martha has taken a short vacation from tatting and has crocheted a really cute Polar Bear. The pattern is on her blog.

Diane has been very busy over the past two weeks. She has had grandchildren visiting, received a gift package from Laura, finished her gift boxes and she shows us her snowflake tree.
Gina has been busy tatting a Christmas Tree and bell and has been a bit frustrated with her blog this year as she has not been able to show things as soon as they were done, they have had to wait.
Marty shows an ornament that she made that is a must see. She used a unique way of attaching the tatting and I love the effect.
Pamela no longer fears the SCMR after making all the snowflakes she needed to mail out. She made leprechauns for individuals who really needed some good luck in there lives and she has bought a silver tree and is going to cover it in snow flakes of many colours.I think Laura has started a new Christmas trend.
Riet tells of the story of Sint Nicolaas and the celebration of his birthday in the Netherlands and she shows the gift she received.
Sharon has written a thought provoking piece on Doilies: Love Them or Hate Them.
Sherry was the winner of Wendy's November Giveaway and she also shows us the last painting she has painted.
Zarina has taken some lessons in Free Motion Quilting (FMQ). I had seen it before but did not know the name for it. You did a good job of learning fast Zarina your samples look very good.

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