Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pigs and Hearts, Stones and Butterflies

Pamela has tatted the onion ring pig found on Jane Eborall's web site in a variegated Flora size 20, then in a brighter pink Flora size 10 and she just couldn't resist the urge to add wings. Of course, adding wings made the pig 3D so she has him suspended in a copper bracelet. Also displayed are her flea market finds of 4 lovely shuttles and a gecko pin.
Wendy's yo-yo afghan has grown big enough to be a bench cover. She's thinking about getting some cookie cutters for stand up Halloween cookies. Wendy has also shown 2 different yo-yo layouts that can be used. One of her other interests is Armenian Lace and she's been looking for all the information she can get on it. Today she has posted pictures of some 4 ring butterflies done in size 10 crochet thread. These will go in the butterfly room.
Anne has been honoured that the folks at Revelry want to use her photo of her Bird’s Eye Shawl as a sample photo for the pattern. She's been knitting some wrist warmers and a colleague suggested she make two more pairs with blue yarn. She bought lots of yarn so now she has enough to make 12 pairs. That's a lot of cozy wrists. Anne says the picture of the dragon wave wrist warmers shows the beads up clearer than they appear in real life.

Sarah has listed a lot of yarn for sale as she helps someone else de-stash. She joined the square deal weave along a couple of weeks late so she's been playing catch up. Also on display are some knitted hats and caps from her new book. Now she thinks she'll work on writing a book of knitted lace. Hey Sarah, when do we get to see some more tatting?

Iris has given a beautiful description of her Palmetto Tat days, with more to come. She picked up a lot of new techniques and tools for tatting and shares with us a picture of a marvellous earring design which incorporates a stone in the centre, surrounded by beaded tatting.
Diane's tatting seems to be more mistakes than successes recently so she's taken a break and done some woven squares.

Kelly started a doily from the Bestitched web site using some vintage size 80 thread that kept breaking. She noticed an immediate difference when she switched to newer thread. She's also started on the Tatalong project using Cebelia thread size 10. Her shuttle tatting isn't looking the way she wants it, but rather than switch back to the needle she's going to persevere. Today her blog is full of the kitty characters she lives with.
Clyde is a great fan of hand dyed threads and he shows off some of the "Leafy" thread he purchased from Marilee's Etsy shop.

Mark posts a picture of a "quicky" bookmark design he created, although if you know anything about Mark, you'll know he consistently wins the Tat Off for speed, so it's doubtful anyone else would call it a quick project.It's tatted is a variegated light blue to lavender Waterlilies silk thread by Caron Impressions that tats up about the same as size 30 cotton thread. Also posted are pictures of some lace finds.
I still don't have any tatting to show, just an embroidered butterfly that really wants to be put out of it's misery.

Snowy can finally say goodbye to the black doily she tatted with Venus thread. The thread was terrible to work with, but just look at how elegant the doily looks.
Marilee has created another colour of hand dyed thread for her Etsy shop. This one is called "Tigereye" and it's used here to try out a new design she is working on.
Laura tatted the "Freeform" heart from Tat's Amore in DMC Cebelia size 20 and it was so much fun, she did it again. The second time it was done in blue and white Flora size 20.
Marty used Motif #5 from DMC's Tatting for Today and some cheap ecru crochet thread to make a tatted mat. She didn't like the results. It got dyed and she still didn't like the results. After some major blocking the picots still won't stay in shape. The outsides can't be stretched enough to keep the insides flat and she's still not happy with it. I feel your pain. I've been there too.
Sherry has crocheted another had and added a matching tatted motif to it. Her new butterfly pattern that will be in her book is called "Cluny Love" and features a flower in each wing with cluny leaves. The model was made using Rubi 5 thread size 20. Sherry's visit to her grandparents let he do some sightseeing and while she was away she created another butterfly. This one is called Queen Alexandra and was also tatted with Rubi 5 thread. Sherry plans to put some of the Rubi thread in her Etsy shop. Her newest purchase, wasn't thread, but a new costume and now comes the tricky part, where does she add tatting to it?


Sarebear said...

Hi. I've been enjoying your blog and all the delightful creations for a while now!

I can't find an email contact listed for you anywhere, so here I go.

I'm interested in showing, once a month or so on my blog, how one design or pattern or motif, can be translated to different media and how one can get inspiration from many other arts, even if one doesn't do them. Plus, I think it'll be interesting to do.

Anyway, I have a design in mind for the first one, and I'll be putting one of those Creative Commons licenses on it, one of the more liberal ones, where people can make whatever pattern they develop from the inspiration design, and sell whatever they come up with. In the case of the first design I have in mind, which I came up with as a geometrical abstract design for digital scrapbooking, of course anything that would directly compete with that should I choose to start selling digital scrap stuff at any point, would be the only caveat. Not a big deal, really, since I'm looking at other mediums.

ANYWAY! I was wondering if you, or anyone you know, would like to participate in this experiment with me, and see how it goes and what happens.

My email is in my profile at my blog. I hope this doesn't seem like spam, I HAVE been subscribed for awhile, and I'm not selling anything, and am just curious to see how this would turn out, so I'm going to post this or email this to a variety of creative types I either read, or have interacted with, and see if I can get this fun idea together!

Thanks for reading my novel here, lol!


Knittingand said...

More tatting to come once the Christmas crafts are finished, I promise!

Sarah :)

Tattycat said...

A lovely post Sharon. I can never tell you too many times that I appreciate all of your hard work. I have gotten 62 hits on my blog today!