Thursday, November 30, 2006

The laces I missed and some new tatting

My apologies, I missed listing some entries yesterday. I usually check each of the blogs and write notes about what's new, then transfer the notes and pictures to the challenge blog. I got interrupted and hadn't gone through all of the blogs yesterday, so here they are now.

Note: Several people have commented on the tatting lists that the blogs with black backgrounds are hard to read, as are the blogs that have lighter colour, matching text. You can change your template, but if you do remember to save your links list first as it will be erased. If you do have trouble reading the text on a blog, you can often make it more visible by highlighting it.

Laura has been suffering from migraines and hasn't been tatting.

LaRae had a jointed doll body and matched it up with a pattern from a magazine called Crafting Traditions that she modified to fit the doll body. The addition of some strategically placed beads and a little halo created an adorable angel.

Bhavani has ventured into celtic tatting and given it her own twist by adding beads.

Dawn has added several new motives to her collection. There's Julie Patterson's candy cane needle tatted in size 8 perle cotton. She also did Samantha Melnychuk's Christmas Wreath. She didn't have any red beads so she used green. Dawn notes that the thread got frayed a lot needle tatting with beads, so she thinks she'll switch to shuttle tatting if she does more bead work. Her latest motif is a simple celtic tatted wreath.

Ruth is wishing the Red Hat Lacers Merry Christmas with her celtic "R","H" and "L". She has also posted a clear diagram for a celtic snowflake which makes it really easy follow.

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Marilee Rockley said...

So much beautiful tatting!
I need to let you know that my blog has moved, the reason being I have it as part of my new website.