Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Snowflake, Doily, Cross, Flowers, Bookmarks, Butterfly and Motifs

Deborah joins the challenge and shows us Miranda's Angels in the Snow done in Lizbeth thread but she's not sure of the colour.
Crazykwilter did the from “Alexandra” in Tatting Patterns by Lyn Morton, followed by two rounds of typical small rings and chains, ending with a round of trefoils in size 30 Cebelia.
Kat is on a roll tatting crosses from Lene Bjorn's book of Tatted Crosses. This is the Maria cross needle tatted in Lizbeth antique blue medium.
Isabel tatted this flower brooch using the pattern from Bestitched in DMC metallic blue and 8 strands of gold embroidery thread. The mystery Josephine knot design has had some pom poms added and turns out to be a chignon.

Wanda has been working on her bookmark from the inside out, tweaking it here and there, but she's still not satisfied with it.
Gina has finished her dagger heart flowers and has gone back to the insertions, trying a couple of variations with beads.

Isa tatted this motif from a Russian website using 2 shuttles and crystal beads that she will turn into a brooch. This new motif is in progress and she's not quite sure where she's going with it.

Lily test tatted Jessica's pattern in Boysenberry dark size 20 in Lizbeth with a periwinkle blue perle cotton and loves the way it turned out. Then she tried out an idea based on Miranda's Angels in the Snow with more thrown off rings, and a 3 bead picot to the bottom ring. She had to stiffen it to get it to hold the inner ring shape and is thinking of doing it again around a metal ring.

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