Monday, March 07, 2011

Bookmarks, Snowflakes, Insertions, Edgings, Cardinal, Earrings and the Garden of Eden

Journey's first piece in her 25 Motif Challenge is the Small Cross from Mary Konior's Tatting With Visual Patterns, made with Lizbeth thread, colors #664 and #665 in size 40.
Deborah's new piece is the Small Cross from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior and the thread is Lizbeth size 20, Red Burst color 147 which she thought was red and black, but it's red and burgundy.
Kristen wanted some mindless ring and chain tatting so this bookmark from Be-Stitched was just perfect. Then she went off the rails a little, but it was easily disguised by some bright ribbon. The second version worked out better, except that she misread the instructions and the tatting is a little tight at one end, but she has decided that will be the top of her extra long bookmark.
Karen has been a little obsessive about tatting over decor gems recently. So here she has done one in purple and another in green with a ruffled edge, then a different style in brown Omega rayon thread that has gold running through it and another green one with a six petalled flower and a large bead.
Carolyn had to clear out a couple of shuttles and found that the colors coordinated, so she did this little motif to finish off the thread. It's Simplicity by Lyn Morton in Tatting Patterns using Lizbeth size 20 colors 670 & 156.
Ann is honoured that her friend used an edging she tatted to decorate a ring bearer's pillow.

Kelly tatted a cross by Roger at Needle Tatting in Alkin Basak size (50) 30 thread and DMC Cebelia size 20 and she really likes the pattern. She did her own variation of the design and created a snowflake out of it in size 20 DMC Cebelia. Miranda's cardinal was tatted in size 10 South Maid.

Fox has been trying out some different joins. The first one is from a collar pattern in the Ring of Tatters book by Kiniko Chitose. The second is Jane's blip-less join. The best news though is that she has only 4 more repeats left on the interminable, but pretty, hanky edging.

Gina has sewn the inserts into bags for an interesting effect. There was a simple ring and chain edging added to the white one and a simple ribbon drawstring closure. She is thinking of a tab button closure for the black one. Both of these can be used for glasses or scented soaps or a gift bag.
Ingrid has been distracted with crocheting baby booties and it was time to get back to tatting. She auditioned Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts, made a mistake and tried Wallflowers, but didn't like how it was looking, so she switched to Maids of Honour, but is concerned as it seems to bend a little.
Isa tatted 2 pair of earrings from the Italian magazine Mani di Fata, Il lavoro Chiacchierino # 15 The first pair are in size 50 cotton with beads on the joining picots. The pink pair are in in silk thread size 50. The hummingbirds are tatted from Heather's design in size 20 cotton thread.
Sue has tatted 3 projects all made with the same antique motif.The first is done in Lizbeth Fruit Fizz size 40. The second one is the "pointless" triangular shaped design done in Lizbeth Snow White size 10. The tablecloth at the bottom of picture is done in size 10 white. She has been trying to get a lot of ornaments completed and these have been done in Lizbeth Christmas Delight size 20 from another antique pattern. The little triangles have been done in Nave thread.
Vanessa finally had enough sunlight to take a picture of her wall hanging entitled "The Garden of Eden" The elements we haven't seen before are the Bluebirds designed by Anitra Stone, the Robin designed by Jane Eborall, the Wheelbarrow also designed by Jane Eborall, the Flowers and the Shrubbery she designed herself.

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