Thursday, March 03, 2011

Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Doily, Bookmarks, Motifs and Heart

Rayanna loves Mark's patterns and here she's started on Mark's Autumn Pumpkin.
Marta created this pendant in black with an amber coloured centre stone and gold bead accents and a matching black and gold bracelet. She did another version of the bracelet in a creamy caramel colour.

 Kat has been working on Mary Konior's Patchwork and she was planning on a square mat, but now that she has gone this far she's thinking about making it rectangular.
Corina started on this poorly written design in green and white Altin Basak 50 but cut it off when it wasn't working out. She used the remaining thread to tat this Laced bookmark by Kim Millar and she's not sure whether to use it as a bookmark, or a bracelet.

Linda received some special gifts from friends, a bookmark with a knitted centre and tatted edge from a red hat girlfriend and her Secret Tatting Angel mailed her this beautiful pincushion decorated all around with tatting.

Brigitte tatted this shuttle pattern by Anne Bruvold using Lizbeth Size 20 thread in medium and light seafoam green.
Fox has completed her interesting design which turned out to be Rosemarie Peel's Tussie Mussie from the 30th Anniversary Book of Patterns published by the Ring of Tatters and while it was an interesting tat, it was far too fiddly.
Isa has progressed on her pendant, but it's not finished yet. She still has to finish the collar part.

Lily followed up on a suggestion to tat the pendant and earrings in blue with green chains to give the appearance of flowers and vines.

Marty found one more little Celtic heart done in size 30 Cebelia when she turned out her tatting bag.

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